Dr Michelle de la Vega, PhD

VP of Science Education at The Health Sciences Academy
Dr Michelle de la Vega, PhD
VP of Science Education
The Health Sciences Academy ®
Dr Michelle de la Vega, PhD, is the VP of Science Education at The Health Sciences Academy, where she leads a team of accomplished scientists and PhDs on large education and publishing projects helping 150,000+ working and aspiring nutrition professionals succeed in their careers.
Her expertise is directing the best resources for nutrition and health students on what’s new and what’s actually working in the field, giving them the tools they need to stay on top of evidence-based advice and get ahead of the curve.
As a leading science education professional and researcher, Dr de la Vega continues leading major educational and publishing projects:
  • Coordinated the production of 60+ Continuing Education courses in nutrition biochemistry, appetite and eating psychology, nutritional neuroscience, nutritional genetics and epigenetics, and gut microbiomics – helping nutrition professionals to stay on top of evidence-based nutrition and stand out in the field
  • Project managed the curriculum design and content for 15+ accredited Certifications equipping nutrition professionals with the latest personalisation strategies to help their own clients – from sports nutrition, to clinical weight loss; advanced supplements, to child IQ nutrition, to nutrition for cancer prevention
  • Reviewed 50+ science books and reports on health and nutrition – from appetite neurochemistry and eating psychology, to gut microbiomics and nutritional epigenetics
  • Keeps running research studies with 100,000s of data points relating to health/diet attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and the influence of nutrition science education with The Health Sciences Academy
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