Educational Science Writer

Job Title : Educational Science Writer
Reporting to : Research Director
Location : Remote
Job status : Full time
Placement : Permanent
Salary : Entry level
Start Date : Immediately

Your opportunity

We're looking for a talented and driven individual to write pedagogically-rich, educational content for our course workbooks, manuals and learning materials on a wide range of scientific topics – from nutrition biochemistry to microbiomics; eating psychology to neuroscience; genetics to nutritional epigenetics.

As our Educational Science Writer, you will be crafting written content that keeps our students hooked, unable to put down their studying materials and longing for more.

This is an opportunity to share your enthusiasm for practical science and behaviour change through writing powerful resources that our students – new and aspiring nutrition professionals – will absorb and use to help their own 1-to-1 clients.

This role is ideal for you if…

  • You are passionate about science, educational writing and behaviour change
  • You love igniting a learner’s brain cells by describing new discoveries and ideas
  • You are able to explain complex information in a simple, straightforward manner
  • You know how to amaze and entertain through engaging and conversational sentences
  • You are always eager to learn more about persuasive writing and learning psychology
  • You are able to deliver high-quality written work in a fast-moving environment

Bonus points if…

  • You are already equipped with a toolbox of educational writing strategies and narratives that captivate and enhance learning enjoyment
  • If you were writing the script for a documentary, you’d instantly think of Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole”, David Attenborough’s “Planet Earth”, or Brian Cox’s “Life of a Universe”
  • You write with originality and personality, and enjoy sustaining a company's brand voice and values across all written materials

Your responsibilities include:

  • Familiarising yourself with our certifications and products, brand voice and target audiences
  • Meeting with our Research Director to discuss new writing projects, learning objectives and different learner avatars
  • Writing pedagogically-rich, easy-to-understand content for course lessons, workbooks, manuals and other educational materials on a wide range of scientific topics – from nutrition biochemistry to microbiomics; eating psychology to neuroscience; genetics to nutritional epigenetics
  • Actively participating in creative meetings to brainstorm ideas and concepts for the words and visuals to be produced
  • Conveying the utility and the real-life, practical application of the subject being taught
  • Crafting didactic language for worksheets, exercises, polls, and assessments
  • Writing clear, easy-to follow and logically structured instructions for learners so they know exactly how to complete a worksheet, exercise or assessment on their own
  • Creating high-quality learner questions, solutions and examples
  • Revising, editing and proof-reading written content as needed
  • Editing written work for consistency across all materials created or reviewed, eliminating contradictions between lessons and consolidating terms
  • Organising portions of the content into charts and tables where relevant, and proposing visuals and graphics that illustrate the points being made
  • Taking feedback from follow-up surveys, learner queries and tutor answers to refine content after initial release
  • Updating course materials regularly with new science that replaces old concepts

The work WILL be challenging… but it will NEVER be boring!

Other activities:

  • Engaging in various aspects of curriculum design and course structure development
  • Working with our scientific researchers and other team members:
    • to plan and deliver your writing projects
    • to update, improve, redesign and expand existing materials
  • Researching scientific topics, developing resource lists and creating data complications
  • Documenting and sharing best practices and “working knowledge” with others in the team (and company)
  • Participating in the production of survey studies for publishing in peer-reviewed journals on food practices, behaviour change, dietary beliefs and health psychology

Your qualifications and experience:

PhD/MSc/MRes/BSc/BA student (also open to very talented candidates or recent graduates) on any of the following subject areas:

  • Education, linguistics, pedagogy, science communication, health psychology, social sciences or similar from a top university, along with writing experience gained in either educational content creation (ideally on nutrition biochemistry or related topics) or within mainstream science education or science writing for layman audiences; or…
  • Nutrition biochemistry, dietetics, applied nutrition, nutrigenomics, eating psychology, nutritional neuroscience, health sciences, medical sciences, brain sciences, social sciences or similar from a top university, along with extensive educational writing experience using plain language.

NOTE: While we take into consideration your education, it’s not the only thing that describes your talents. If you think you can do this job, and you can demonstrate it in something you’ve done (previous research and writing projects, educational materials you’ve created, your own literature review and write-up on a topic, science-based content you’ve written in plain language, behaviour-change initiatives that you have led), then we want to hear from you.

Your strengths and competencies:

We are looking for applicants who can demonstrate:

  • Superior text production skills and ability to write easy-to-read content that is pedagogically rich
  • Ability to present scientific concepts in a fun, accessible and digestible way
  • Capacity to grasp complex information and boil it down to a clear, coherent message
  • Strong sense of narrative, story-telling and persuasive writing
  • Outstanding command of both oral and written English
  • Meticulous with excellent attention to detial (i.e. did you spot the typo?)
  • Impeccable spelling, grammar and punctuation – you dot the “I’s” and cross the “t’s”
  • Effective collaborator with outstanding cross-checking and proof-reading skills
  • Both creative yet analytical thinking
  • Ability to quickly spot and fix inconsistencies in any form of content
  • Organised with a capacity to produce written content to the highest standards
  • Fast-learning capacity and eagerness to expand your skillset
  • Ability to adapt and improve methods of working so that any mistakes identified are not repeated
  • Love for science and behaviour change is a ‘must’!

Your profile

To be most successful in this role:

  • You’re fanatical about text production, writing performance and learning psychology
  • You’re an excellent wordsmith. You know what keeps a reader engaged and what ticks them off.
  • You’re a genius, unconvoluted communicator. You have an ability to explain complex topics to a 10-year old who in turn successfully explains them to an 8-year old.
  • You know all those little phrases and triggers that inspire someone to keep consuming the materials. You’re a super star at creating intrigue and capturing a reader’s imagination.
  • You love creating transformational learning experiences with your writing.
  • Sparking positive changes in health behaviours and attitudes gives meaning to your work.
  • You feel motivated by making science fun and helping learners become confident agents of change.
  • You are a master at creating emotions through the written word. You’re not easily satisfied, and won’t rest, until you find the most entertaining yet coherent way to explain a new concept.
  • You can write the same message in 10 different ways. Compelling ways.
  • The thesaurus is your best friend. Always by your side.
  • You’ve got an eye for beautiful layouts. You know what works and what doesn’t, and which typography, images and videos go well with different pieces of content.
  • You talk in HOWs, not ifs, buts or maybes. You get things done. And you work with a smile.
  • Your attention to detail is second to none. You spot that needle in the haystack (or a typo) from a mile.
  • You know that punctuation can change the meaning of a message. You’re in love with the Oxford comma.
  • You’re passionate about helping others. You help your family, friends and always want to make time for others where possible.
  • You love collaborating and feedback (however harsh) is always welcome, either from your boss, a professor or your peers.
  • When given a target or goal, you’re able to define the steps needed to make it happen AND you’re able to implement those steps yourself – even if everyone is on holiday.
  • When you have a deadline, you respect it. Because others depend on your work.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, you try again. And then again.
  • You’re dedicated, disciplined and committed. You can’t rest until you get it done.
  • You love sharing knowledge and new learnings with others in the team (and company).
  • You thrive with variety, and see it as an opportunity to learn even further.

What’s in it for you?

  • Learning directly from some of the most brilliant minds in science education and digital pedagogies
  • Professional development alongside our talented scientists, researchers, writers, developers and team members who are also keen to learn, grow and share their knowledge
  • High-impact role where you’ll have the autonomy to apply your own creativity and produce entertaining and usable learning materials
  • Making a meaningful contribution to thousands of students – plus their clients, families and friends!

What we offer

  • Working in our brand-new, riverside London offices
  • Having your own desk and office equipment
  • Mentorship from our leadership team
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Career progression within the organisation
  • The chance to truly make a difference

We’re looking for someone who can craft pedagogically-rich, science-based content as easily as breathing air. We’re already impacting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide – and in the next few years this will be tens of millions. If you’re able to help us accelerate our growth, you’ll reap benefits beyond what many companies can offer.

Next steps

If you have the required expertise and wish to be considered for this exciting position, please apply with your CV and personal statement explaining why you can write educational resources and practical materials for our students, along with at least two samples of your work.

Highlight your passions, skills, and motivations for applying. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to this stellar team. Also include links to any relevant work, presentations or writings you have created so we can see proof of your talents.

Apply Now

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Important: This is an in-office position, so please do not apply if you are not already living in or are willing to relocate to London.

For more details, visit our careers page.