Pathophysiology and Lifestyle Medicine

Enhance your professional opportunities and gain a deep insight into the causes and consequences of unwanted imbalances in the human body and the lifestyle factors impacting health and wellbeing

Practical materials
Scientific references
Diet is the #1 modifiable behavioural risk factor predicting all-cause mortality risk worldwide
90% of all healthcare expenditure in the US is attributed to lifestyle conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, and mental health disorders
Lifestyle Medicine focuses on enhancing our own self-care and self-management to improve our personal wellbeing and quality of life
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When you complete this certification, you’ll be uniquely trained in the

Fields of Pathophysiology and Lifestyle Medicine

We developed this advanced certification because of questions we get all the time at The Health Sciences Academy, like:

  • “How is my body affected by this disease?”
  • “What caused it?”
  • “Is it possible to prevent it?”
  • “Can we reverse it?”
  • “Do lifestyle choices matter?”
  • “How can we promote longevity?”
  • “I’ve heard of lifestyle medicine, but what does it do?”
(Yes, we get questions like these even from medical professionals, nurses, and university-educated dietitians).
Clients need practitioners who have a profound, science-based insight into

Lifestyle Medicine and the Mitigation of Pathophysiological Risks

According to the World Health Organization, lifestyle-related diseases still remain the biggest killers for the past 20 years…
What are these lifestyle-related diseases?
This includes heart disease, infections, diabetes, cancer, and mental disorders.
Which factors increase the risk of acquiring these diseases?
Lifestyle factors such as a poor diet, smoking, alcohol intake, psychological stress, sleep loss, obesity, harmful toxic exposures like indoor and outdoor pollution, sedentarism, and poor respiratory hygiene practices, among many might play a significant role in this.
Why care about the reasons people die?
When we understand what leads to a higher mortality rate, we can encourage a healthy lifestyle and dietary changes that might help reduce the risk for these diseases, and even alleviate symptoms after they have developed. This could result in an enhanced mental and physical wellbeing while reducing unnecessary healthcare expenditure by patients and taxpayers.

Ready to Enhance Your Professional Opportunities?

This training captures the most up-to-date foundational knowledge into anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and lifestyle medicine – all of which are required in most health, fitness, and nutrition professions.
If you want to expand your professional opportunities and make your mark in the health sector by helping to mitigate disease risk while optimising health and wellbeing, this certification is for you!
We believe that you need to gain a deep insight into the inner workings of human anatomical components and physiological mechanisms, the origins of pathophysiological processes, and the most impactful lifestyle medicine recommendations.
That’s where YOU can make a difference.
So, how do you do it?
Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re about to learn.

Get the Knowledge You Need and the Credentials to Prove It

By completing this certification, you will

  • Gain a deep understanding of how the human body works – mechanically and biochemically
  • Uncover the root causes and consequences of unwanted imbalances leading to poor health
  • Learn the effects of beneficial lifestyle modifications to mitigate disease risk and alleviate ongoing symptoms

Examine over 75 medical conditions
PLUS lifestyle modifications to mitigate risk

Throughout this fascinating learning experience, we’ll be navigating the inner workings of human anatomical components and physiological mechanisms, the origins of pathophysiological processes, including over 75 different medical conditions. In addition, we’ll be exploring the most impactful lifestyle medicine modifications for mitigating disease risk and for optimising health and wellbeing.

Know when a medical referral is appropriate

  • Recognise the key principles of lifestyle medicine practice within and outside medical settings
  • Conduct health risk assessments
  • Interpret essential biometric data
  • Understand when referral to a medical or other support professional is necessary
When you get certified in the

Fundamentals of Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Lifestyle Medicine

you’ll gain powerful insights for health promotion and life quality improvement

63 units • 90 CPD hours • videos • workbooks

Discover the anatomy and physiology of the human body systems

  • Integumentary system
  • Skeletal system
  • Muscular system
  • Nervous system
  • Endocrine system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Lymphatic system
  • Immune system
  • Digestive system
  • Respiratory system
  • Urinary system
  • Reproductive system

You’ll also be learning about…

  • Cell structure and function
  • Cellular metabolism
  • Genetics and epigenetics
  • The senses
  • Water balance
  • Electrolyte balance
  • Acid-base balance
  • Human development
  • The human life cycle

Over 75 health conditions…

As we navigate the different body systems, we’ll be looking at the main conditions which may occur when there are unwanted imbalances.
This includes statistics about how common these conditions may be, changes in organ structure or function, genetic mutations or epigenetic alterations, risk factors, and ways to mitigate risk where relevant.

PLUS essential biometrics…

  • Health risk assessments
  • Biometrics: what they are, examples, benefits
  • Health screenings: which tests and when?
  • Tips for discussing health assessments with a client
  • When to refer to a medical professional

And the most impactful Lifestyle Medicine modifications…

  • Dietary factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Relational and societal factors
  • Health attitudes and beliefs
  • Other personal factors such as physical activity
  • Sleep and stress management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Limiting alcohol
  • Weight maintenance
  • Mitigating obesity and metabolic syndrome risks

When you join, you'll also get:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to your course lessons

  • PDF files for all key materials – you can open, save or print these at your convenience

  • Interactive, automatically graded online quizzes which you need to complete before moving onto your next module

  • A fully automatically graded final exam (Score > 80% and you have passed…. No retake fees!)

  • Interactive questionnaires and polls – add your voice and see what your fellow students say

  • Video training in key modules

  • Glossary, conversions guide, and additional resources with examples, science or reference research

  • Instant PDF certificate upon completion signed and dated by your certification director

  • Achievement badge to display on your website, business card, and marketing materials

  • 24/7 access to the Learner Services portal

  • Ca. 700 scientific references, links to journals, and additional resources so you can expand your knowledge even further!

  • And none of it expires!

Who is this certification for?

This advanced training is for you if…
  • You’re a nutrition professional and want to gain a deeper understanding of medical concepts and preventive care, including the integration of the essential biometrics in your work with nutrition clients…
  • You’re a fitness professional seeking to go deeper into physiological imbalances and the impact of health-related behaviours in your client’s health…
  • You’re a health coach and want to boost your credentials in the fields of pathophysiology and lifestyle medicine through evidence-based education…
  • You are curious about how the human body functions, what may occur if the body is out of balance, and which modifiable factors help support our health…
  • You’re in corporate wellness or an HR manager and seek to uncover the root causes and consequences of the unwanted imbalances and conditions behind lost productivity and absenteeism…
  • You’re a medical professional, nurse, or dietitian and are seeking to sharpen your clinical skills with specialised knowledge while earning CPD…

Learn from any device!

  • Touch-friendly
  • No installation of other software required
  • Uses HTML5 and CSS3 (no Flash)
  • Loads quickly even over slow connections
  • Automatically adjusts for mobile devices

Get certified without delay

Upon graduation you’ll have instant access to your very own Certificate in PDF format, issued in your name, signed and dated. You can save it, print it or share it with someone else.

Why They Join

As a health and wellness coach, I see clients come out from their doctor's offices feeling defeated and discouraged to make any positive change. By learning what these patients are going through from a physiological standpoint, I’ll be better able to assist them to make the lifestyle changes they want to make with ease.
- Health Coach
As a personal trainer, I learned basic anatomy and physiology, but I’m now ready to go deeper and see how this connects to lifestyle-related diseases so I can help my clients not just with my exercise plans but also other useful aspects of health that can make a difference, especially sleep, stress management, and good nutrition.
- Fitness Professional
Knowing how to integrate pathophysiology concepts, essential biometrics, and lifestyle medicine recommendations is critical in my work as a nutrition professional. This will enable me to help my clients with a more robust nutritional and lifestyle plan.
- Nutrition Professional
Besides earning CPD to help with my nursing career, I’m keen to explore how pathophysiology and lifestyle medicine come together. I’m a lifelong learner and excited to enhance my clinical knowledge!
- Medical Nurse

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