Blacklisted names, websites and programmes

This page has been prepared in the interest of the general public, who have the right to know.

The internet makes it easy to copy proprietary materials and someone else's intellectual property. We know of various providers out there who could not care less and give our industry a bad name by creating fake awarding bodies, programmes or schemes.

Our programmes have been copied by sham providers too, and we do not tolerate this awful behaviour, so we have created a (growing) blacklist of providers you should stay away from. Please note that:

  • If you consciously enrol in one of these programmes or websites after graduating with us, we will terminate your access and revoke any certificates you may hold. We may also add your name to this list of names.
  • Should you have hard evidence that proves someone has been copying our materials or that proves you have been a victim of another, unlisted provider, you're welcome to let us know. We reward any successful tip-off.
  • We reserve the right to take legal steps if you are in any way or shape involved, so own up before it's too late.

Together we will put a stop to this.


  • International Register for Nutrition (IRfN)
  • Fitness Industries Limited (UK)
  • Register for Nutrition (RfN), or
  • College for Nutrition (CfN), CfNRegNutr, or - see ASA ruling
  • UK Active Training,, or Pure Fitness Group Ltd
  • Scott Austin (aliases: Scott Jackson, Lord Scott Austin, Scott Wolfe, Scott Cameron)
  • Katie Hope (alias: Katie Layton)
  • British Nutrition Council, or (and BNC Registered Nutritionist, BNC Group Weight Loss Practitioner, BNC Clinical Detox Specialist)
  • The Nutrition School, or
  • Distance Learning College, or
  • Simplex Academy, or
  • Aim Redstone, or Soft Skills Courses, or, or A.R Recruitment Consultancy Ltd - see ASA ruling
  • The Obesity Society Ltd
  • Ms Carol Mckay, or British Nutrition Council, or
  • Brian Flatt, The 3 Week Diet or

With our permission, other providers have since made a copy of our black list available on their own websites, to spread the word with their own students. If you'd like to do the same, please let us know first. Together, we can put a stop to this criminal activity.

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