Unlock the secrets to help clients improve skin health

Advanced Skincare and Repair Nutrition Specialist™

Professional Diploma Level 5

Enhance your professional opportunities as a best-in-class Skincare Nutrition Specialist and help people reach their skin health goals.
This advanced certification dives deep into the A-Z of skincare and repair, essential nutrients, fundamental procedures, and common ingredients found in skincare products. It empowers you with the expertise you need to make others feel confident
in their own skin.
This advanced certification dives deep into the A-Z of skincare and repair, essential nutrients, fundamental procedures, and common ingredients found in skincare products. It empowers you with the expertise you need to make others feel confident in their own skin.

Grab this Certification for a Special One-time Fee
during Black Friday 2021

Grab this Certification for a Special One-time Fee during Black Friday 2021

Skin is the largest organ in the human body.
Then why don't we take better care of it?

The knowledge gap around skin health keeps widening with harmful fads and misinformation. Most professionals focus only on products and procedures and completely ignore nutrition and lifestyle factors!
60% of people have had a skin condition.*
(at some point in their life)
Even people in their 20s worry about skin ageing and wrinkles.
Acne, best skincare routine, and Vitamin C are the most common Googled topics.
Our skin is inhabited by 100 different microbial species, with about 1 million microbes per square centimetre

Become a skincare nutrition expert and
help clients transform their lives

A teenager suffering from acute acne. He’s so embarrassed that he refuses to go to school or even step out of his room. The small bumps on his face and back can have a massive lasting impact on his life.
A young working professional, living with psoriasis from the age of 14. She has realised that skin conditions do not discriminate. But people do, be it at the mall, at a house-party, or at work. To avoid questions and stares, she ends up wearing full sleeves even on the hottest summer days.
A professional athlete who loved the sun cut all ties with his friends and locked himself at home. Why? Dermatitis that would flare up whenever he’s outdoor, causing itchiness and bleeding.
Skin conditions go deeper than what you see on the surface.
In addition to your physical health, it takes a toll on your emotional and mental well-being. It limits your day-to-day activities, impairing your quality of life, self-esteem, and confidence.
What if… you could help them manage their conditions better and live their life to the fullest, with zero compromise?
Now you can with the collective support of seasoned scientists, researchers, and subject-matter experts who truly care for you and your clients.

Together, let's help thousands around the world
win back their confidence.

Get the knowledge you need and the credentials to prove it

Join our latest ground-breaking nutrition certification that gives you evidence-based knowledge, easy step-by-step processes, and the freedom to follow your passion while maximising your earning potential.

Get evaluation tools done-for-you so you can personalise programs for your clients

  • Assessments to evaluate skin health and dietary effects
  • Workbooks to plan personalised skincare diets and lifestyle plans
  • Tracking tools to monitor progress
  • Step-by-step guides to implement plans
  • Nutrient shopping lists
  • Food planners
  • Plus much more!
You’ll get our entire scientific framework to custom-build skincare nutrition plans… including client assessments with action steps, planners, trackers, food charts, and checklists to use in your practice.
This way, no one will doubt your competence in this space ever again, while you will get a lot more done in less time!



BONUS unit included! 

Your bonus unit summarises 40 different health changes, complaints,
or conditions of the skin.
Your bonus unit summarises 40 different health changes, complaints, or conditions of the skin.
This includes acne, albinism, basal cell carcinoma, cellulite, dermatitis, freckles, lentigo, milia, psoriasis, scabies, and more!
You’ll also learn the different types of lesions, common terms of how lesions are described, as well as how lesions and skin conditions may be classified, plus diet and lifestyle modifications to ease them off.

You will benefit from this if:

  • You're a nutrition professional and want to gain a deeper understanding of how you can help a client with their skincare, including the integration of skincare nutrition programs into your practice
  • You’re a skincare specialist, aesthetician, spa specialist, medical aesthetician, dermatologist, or other skincare professional seeking to add nutritional dermatology to your services
  • You’re a health food creator and want to design food combinations, beverages, and nutricosmetics which also support skin complexion and health
  • You’re a medical professional, nurse, or dietitian and are seeking to sharpen your clinical skills with specialised knowledge while earning CPD
  • You're a healthy skin advocate or social media influencer who wants to share safe and scientific advice with the followers from all over the world
  • You're getting acne, rashes, or skin irritation after taking the vaccine, wearing masks for prolonged period, or a side-effect post COVID-19 recovery
  • You are curious about the role of nutrition in skin health, ingredients found within skincare products, techniques performed by beauty therapists or dermatologists
  • Or anyone who truly wants to improve their own skin health or help someone in the family or friends
When you become a certified Skincare Nutrition Specialist, you’ll know how to custom-build personalised skincare nutrition programs based on proven scientific methods.

Be uniquely trained in the
Application of Nutritional Dermatology for Skincare and Repair

Confidently solve some of the biggest skincare challenges people of all age groups face today.

Master the science behind healthy skin

Learn top-calibre skin nutrition strategies and embark on a fascinating journey of scientific journey, practical application, and hands-on learning activities. Our Advanced Skincare and Repair Nutrition Specialist certification gives you all the tools and templates you need to:
Assess a client’s skin symptoms and unwanted skin problems
Identify the best action plan based on symptoms, diet, and skin health goals
Address skin health challenges and answer pressing questions competently and confidently
Build a highly-personalised skincare management nutrition program for yourself or your clients

From fundamentals to advanced principles,
add to your expertise and credibility

The entire certification is divided into multiple units and easy-to-follow plans so that you can follow a systematic and scientific structure for a better learning experience.

Discover the science of skin 

  • Why we have skin
  • The layers of the skin
  • The purpose of pores
  • Skin microbiome
  • 5 main skin types
  • 6 main skin tones
  • Skin changes and conditions
  • Accelerated ageing
  • Nutritional dermatology
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Product ingredients
  • Skincare techniques 
  • Nail health
  • Hair care

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  • Get lifetime access to everything mentioned above!

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Advanced Skincare and Repair Nutrition Specialist™


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