Advanced Stress Management Advisor™

Professional Diploma Level 5

The science-based certification to building stress resilience in order to help a client during times of adversity or challenge.

We developed this advanced certification because of questions we get all the time at The Health Sciences Academy, like:

  • “How can I tell if my client is pushed to their limits?”
  • “Can some amount of stress actually be beneficial for us?”
  • “I have heard of a positive mindset before. But how can this help my client?”
  • “I am feeling so unproductive lately. Could it be that I’m experiencing burnout?”
  • “I’m pregnant, working full-time, and taking care of a household. Could this be affecting my baby?”
  • “I enjoy exercise. So if I work out more, then I’ll be calmer right?”
  • “My boss has a temper and takes it out on us workers. How can I cope in that situation?”
  • “I eat more junk food when I have deadlines or too much to do. How do I stop that?”
(Yes, we get questions like these even from medical doctors and university-trained dietitians and nutritionists).
Questions like these inspired us to bring practical science directly to those who want to help clients feel calmer when faced with challenges and difficulties in the right way.
This advanced training is our combined know-how in stress science, neurochemistry, endocrinology, and psychology.
If you want to help your client feel less stressed out, you need to understand what is contributing to their feeling stressed in the first place and how to help them understand their own triggers.
So how do you do it?
Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re about to learn.

It’s been estimated that 60-80% of doctor’s appointments are stress-related! Plus 50% of work absenteeism is thought to be due to being stressed out.

This also brings incredible opportunities.
Unfortunately, there’s a massive knowledge gap about the role of a stress management coach in helping a client.
Many professionals believe that the goal is to help the client avoid all unwanted stressors in their life.
But this is impossible!
While it’s not always possible to avoid or to reduce the number of unwanted stressors in life, we can certainly change how we perceive, react to, or deal with them.
And that is where stress management and building stress resilience comes into play!

That’s where YOU can make a difference.

When you become a certified Advanced Stress Management Advisor, you’ll know how to custom build stress management plans based on proven scientific methods…
…and you’ll be able to confidently address issues and answer questions such as:
  • Can stress be beneficial for us?
  • Are there coping mechanisms which function better than others?
  • What is the link between our thoughts, emotions, and actions?
  • Can stress increase anger levels?
  • Could stress be leading to less productive workers?
  • Are there foods which can exacerbate our stress levels?
  • Are there foods which help to alleviate stress levels?
  • How can someone build stress resilience?
  • How is stress different from anxiety?

84 units • 90 CPD hours • videos • workbooks

Discover the science of stress

  • Distress vs eustress
  • HPA axis and SAM axis
  • Role of genetics
  • Anxiety vs stress
  • PTSD
  • Appraisal and coping mechanisms
  • The cognitive triad
  • Reflection vs rumination
  • Emotional regulation
  • Growth mindset
  • Work burnout
  • Toxic anger
  • Emotional eating
  • Sleep quality
  • Gut-brain connection
  • Mindfulness
  • Social anxiety
  • Time management

Discover the truth behind what leads to us being stressed out

Every day, we are confronted by challenges in life: the to-do list is lengthening; you have an emotionally draining argument; the car won’t start; the child won’t stop crying; you are worried about a meeting you have to run.
It’s how we respond to these events that is critical and is the difference between us seeing them as a “challenge” or as a “problem”.
This is where the cognitive triad comes into play.
The theory behind the cognitive triad is that thoughts and beliefs trigger emotions and feelings, which then lead to actions and behaviours.
This process is crucial to understand if you want to help clients manage their own stress levels and build stress resilience.

Get evaluation tools to personalise stress management programs

  • Assessments to evaluate stress levels
  • Tracking tools to monitor progress
  • Workbooks to understand how emotions and thoughts influence our stress
  • Practical methods to learn to calm the mind
  • Worksheets to evaluate how food impacts stress
  • Nutrient and shopping lists
  • Step-by-step guides to help a client implement long-term changes
  • Plus much more!
You’ll get our entire scientific framework to custom-build stress management plans… including client assessments with action steps, planners, trackers, food charts, and checklists to use in your practice. This way, no one will doubt your competence in this space ever again!

Nutrition and lifestyle factors play important roles in stress management!

In general, 80% of individuals change their diet when they feel they are having a hard time handling pressure.
Not only that, what we eat can actually affect our mood, in part because of the regulation of hormones.
This means that our nutrition and diet has a large influence on our levels of stress.
And in this certification, we’ll be uncovering:
  • The link between emotional eating and stress
  • How gut hormones may influence our emotional state
  • The hunger-stress-gut connection
  • The importance of blood sugar balance
  • Unwanted consequences of an essential fatty acid deficiency
  • How vitamins, minerals, and herbs which may support stress resilience

A Sneak Peek

The Advanced Stress Management Advisor™ certification – includes 84 units and more than 60 different practical hands-on tools to use with your client.
  • Get 65 cutting-edge client coaching tools for mental health
  • Help your clients build resilience, acquire new coping skills, and enhance their mental wellbeing
  • Conduct risk evaluations to recognise stressors, anxiety, toxic anger, fear, worry, trauma, and rumination
  • Understand the ins and outs of mood regulation, including the impact of nutrition
  • Employ client strategies for reappraisal learning, reflection, and reframing
  • Apply positive psychology techniques surrounding mindset, emotional intelligence, and emotional self-regulation
  • Address the link between emotional eating and mental health
  • Become equipped to help clients with burnout, procrastination, demanding work, and productivity

When you join, you'll also get:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to your course lessons
  • PDF files for all key materials – you can open, save or print these at your convenience
  • Ready-to-use templates for your clients: assessments, checklists, trackers, workbooks, meal planners, shopping lists, health questionnaires, and legal forms
  • Interactive, automatically graded online quizzes which you need to complete before moving onto your next module
  • A fully automatically graded final exam (Score > 80% and you have passed…. No retake fees!)
  • Interactive questionnaires and polls – add your voice and see what your fellow students say
  • SKILLS LAB™ – guided field tasks, learning tasks, worksheets, idea banks creation, and more. Instantly apply what you learn and stay motivated by comparing how your classmates are doing!
  • Video training in key modules, with guided learning tasks and practical workbooks
  • Glossary, conversions guide, and additional resources with examples, science or reference research
  • Instant PDF certificate upon completion, signed and dated by your certification director
  • Achievement badge to display on your website, business card, and marketing materials 24/7 access to the Learner Services portal
  • Over 800 scientific references, links to journals, and additional resources so you can expand your knowledge even further!
  • And none of it expires!

Who is this certification for?

This advanced training is for you if…
  • You are feeling stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed, or pushed to your limits and want to understand your root causes and how to face difficult challenges…
  • You’re a nutritional advisor or coach and want to add stress management to your practice, learn to build personalised strategies for each client while improving your income...
  • You work in corporate wellness and want to help employees be more productive …
  • You’re new to health and wellness and want to start up a stress management practice…
  • You’re a medical professional and want to sharpen your clinical skills with specialised knowledge while earning your CPD…

Learn from any device!

  • Touch-friendly
  • No installation of other software required
  • Uses HTML5 and CSS3 (no Flash)
  • Loads quickly even over slow connections
  • Automatically adjusts for mobile devices

Get certified without delay

Upon graduation you’ll have instant access to your very own Certificate in PDF format, issued in your name, signed and dated. You can save it, print it or share it with someone else.

Skills Lab™ : Instantly apply your knowledge!

Practise the techniques taught in your certification before seeing real clients through guided field tasks, practical assignments, questionnaires, idea banks creation, and games. Learn how your classmates are doing and stay motivated!


This qualification is exactly what I needed in order to specialise in stress management - something I wanted to do for a long time.
I feel with the impact of Covid-19 we are going to have a lot of mental health problems affecting most people - learning about stress and how to cope with it is crucial
It was more multifaceted than I expected, going far and wide and beyond the generally 'known' info on stress

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