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Join the Clinic Toolkit™ for Detox Specialists.

Save time with automated, intelligent forms, make it easier for you and your clients, and charge more!
Unlock your access as soon as you complete your Detox Specialist™ certification!

Enjoy the freedom.

When you join, you become a Clinic Toolkit Certified Advisor and enjoy all of the following benefits:
  • Receive access to the Detox Clinic Toolkit™ and invite your clients to complete their forms and food diaries online. This way, you can analyse their submissions before, during or after each session
  • Coach clients via Skype, face-to-face or in groups
  • Set yourself apart from other nutrition professionals (the Clinic Toolkit™ is available to graduates of The Health Sciences Academy only)
  • Intelligent forms to give you freedom to work remotely, make you look more professional, and allow you to charge premium prices
  • All smart forms, planners and trackers are based on your certification Client Materials and Session Handouts, PLUS 6 extra bonus forms!
  • The automated questionnaires do the maths for you, with instant scores, results and recommendations
  • The Detox Foods Planner and shopping lists pre-populate all detox foods, which you can edit before sharing with a client
  • Save time, charge more for your program, and enhance your sessions!
  • Invite your clients to fill their forms, detox journals and toxicity evaluations online
  • Automatically calculates scores from your Client Materials and Session Handouts and pre-populates results, personalised recommendations, detox foods, and more!
  • Eliminate calculation errors, reduce paperwork, and keep your client information electronically
  • Get a copy of all form submissions by your client or yourself, so you can check them back
  • Clients who are invited by you are not charged by us (this is part of the service you get, so YOU can charge them independently)
  • Allows you to onboard clients quickly and easily, to streamline your workflow, and to market your services to more people
  • The Clinic Toolkit™ is a completely separate and independent platform, where you manage your own client communications
  • Incorporate your OWN branding to raise your business profile!

All forms automated for you.

Your toolkit comes with the full set of automated forms, which can be completed online.
Get all 30 digital planners and trackers.
Invite clients to complete theirs online!
  • Client Health Check Questionnaire
  • Informed Consent Form with Medical Referral Form
  • Your Detox Goals Workbook
  • Kitchen Inventory Workbook
  • Detox Capacity Assessment
  • The Five Toxicity Questionnaires
  • - Heavy Metal Toxicity Questionnaire
  • - Chemical Toxicity Questionnaire
  • - GI Toxicity Questionnaire
  • - Liver Toxicity Questionnaire
  • - Mycological Toxicity Questionnaire
  • Detox Plan Identifier
  • My C.R.A.P. Foods List
  • Detox Sleep Journal
  • Detox Fluids Journal
  • Fibre Intake Planner
  • Fibre Intake Tracker
  • Detox Foods Tracker
  • Detox Daily Journal
  • My Personal Detox Shopping List
  • 2-week Elimination Journal
  • My 1-week Detox Shopping List
  • 1-week Intensive Detox Journal
  • Food Reintroduction Journal
Plus new BONUS forms!
  • Client Overall Toxicity Results
  • Detox Foods Planner
  • Detox Foods Shopping List
  • 1-week Detox Shopping List
  • Your Top Detoxifying Smoothies Plan
  • Session Summary Handout

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Detox Specialist Clinic Toolkit™
Unlock your access as soon as you complete your Detox Specialist™ certification!

Build and send your detox plans online.

Your toolkit comes with the latest set of certification updates.
Plus, we regularly introduce new features. Have a look here to see the latest advances.
Simplify your workflow. Help more clients. Work remotely.
Because all your client questionnaires and forms can be completed online, it means that you can deliver your client sessions in many formats:
  • face-to-face clients
  • Skype or phone clients
  • even small groups - online or in person!
PLUS you get a copy of the forms completed by you or your client, which you can save, email, or print as a handout!
  • The automated forms calculate the results for you
  • Prepare your client detox programs and smoothie plans online
  • Edit the pre-populated recommendations or adjust intake amounts
  • Add, remove or swap food or drink items and add your tips
  • Insert your own personal suggestions in each form
  • Email digital copies of your client scores, personalised plans, detox foods, action steps, and session summary handouts
  • Invite clients to complete their questionnaires, workbooks and journals online
  • Get copies of new form submissions and assessment results

Requirements before you sign up:

  • Exclusive to our graduates of the Detox Specialist™ certification
  • We will validate if you have completed the Professional Add-on Module for your certification
  • You need to have insurance to practise in place (this is your own responsibility, we do not accept any liability)

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Detox Specialist Clinic Toolkit™
Unlock your access as soon as you complete your Detox Specialist™ certification!

Have any questions?

The Detox Clinic Toolkit™ is an online, intelligent solution that is going to help you enormously with your business. It enables you to grow your practice through client questionnaires online, smart forms doing the calculations for you, and pre-populating results and nutritional recommendations! This is a solution that you can integrate into your own branding and workflow, saving you time, eliminating calculation errors, and helping you to look much more organised and professional.
Your Clinic Toolkit™ will help present your services in a proficient way, setting yourself further apart from the competition! The smart forms are meant to surprise and delight your clients in their journey, making them feel special and well looked after by you. For example, your client won’t need to scan anything or bring paper copies to their session with you. Plus it eliminates the problem of not understanding your client’s handwriting. More importantly, this level of automation removes your own manual calculation time. The smart forms will calculate the scores for you and pre-populate your shopping lists. This way, you can support a lot more clients simultaneously! And your clients learn just by filling out the forms as we include (very subtle) guidance. This will reflect well on you, and will inspire clients to recommend you to their friends!
You would invite your clients to set up their own account and to complete their forms and journals online. You would receive your client’s completed forms before each session, for you to review and analyse, allowing you to prepare in advance. The forms can also be completed during (or after) a session with you. All online assessments automatically calculate the results for you, which removes any calculation errors and saves time. Plus, you can finish up your detox plans online! The forms are based on the same structure as your Detox Specialist certification course – remember, you have lifetime access to your course content, so you can always log back in to access it for a refresher. All future additions to your course materials will also be updated in your Clinic Toolkit, so you and your clients won’t miss out on anything!
Because all your client questionnaires, workbooks and journals can be completed online, it means that you can deliver your client sessions in many formats, even remotely from the comfort of your home: face-to-face, via Skype, over the phone, or small groups – in person or online! You get a copy of the forms completed by you or by your client, which you can save, email, or print as a handout.
No. We won’t be in touch with your clients. All communication goes through you only. We don’t see your clients’ form submissions, and anything you submit via our platform is strictly confidential between you and your clients. We have strict procedures for any client-specific data retrieval, which requires your explicit request. It goes without saying that we take data protection and client confidentiality seriously.
It’s a new online platform with automated, intelligent digital forms. It operates on its own independent environment (no links to our educational platform). You can invite your own clients to fill their questionnaires, workbooks and journals online. And you can prepare their food plans online too! This optional service is only available if you’re a graduate of the relevant certification with The Health Sciences Academy.
Some smart forms can be completed in-session (making you look more professional and organised as you sit with your client), while other smart forms can be filled out by the client at home, as homework between sessions.
Yes, they are! The toolkit pre-populates the shopping lists that you’ll prepare for your clients, and the information is completely changeable by you, so you can tweak the output before you sent it! It also gives you instant questionnaire scores, with results. Other forms also pre-populate your recommended foods and tips. And the Fibre Intake Planner does the fibre maths for you! This will save you loads of time and make you look like a pro. Plus, all text is fully editable, giving you complete freedom to adjust a plan before emailing or printing it. Preparing individualised detox plans has never been this fast and easy! Everything is based on the scientific knowledge you gained throughout your certification, helping you further stand out from your competitors.
No, clients who are invited by you are not charged by us. This is part of the service you get, so YOU can charge them independently. Once your Clinic Toolkit account is active, you can invite your clients to fill their forms, workbooks and journals online. This way, you can analyse their submissions before, during or after each session. You are 100% in control!
Of course! We will answer any other question you may have. And fast. Feel free to drop us a line HERE.

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Detox Specialist Clinic Toolkit™
Unlock your access as soon as you complete your Detox Specialist™ certification!

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