Science Writer and Researcher

We, The Research Team at The Health Sciences Academy ®, are looking for an experienced science educator.

Join our team and help make a difference to over 166,790 working (and aspiring) nutrition professionals across the globe - plus their clients, families and friends. This is a job where you focus on consistency, help quash fads, link evidence and peer-reviewed scientific studies, and help make sense of nutritional sciences.

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Ideal profile

  • 10+ years of experience as a nutrition scientist and nutrition science educator
  • Background as a science educator, science writer, investigative journalist, postgraduate in science communication, or PhD or Master in nutrition and/or nutrition science education - preferably nutritional biochemistry or a nutrition-related subject such as nutritional genomics
  • Professor or teacher with extensive lecturing and didactic writing experience
  • Keen to start full-time in our London (UK) offices

Key requirements

  • Good at conducting scientific reviews and conveying key messages
  • Natural ability to make sense of complex scientific papers and translate them into easily-readable materials for students and readers
  • Experience working with research published in renowned, high-impact peer-reviewed journals
  • Proficient at identifying trends, topics or themes of interest for our global community and at putting forward new topic ideas for research and investigation
  • Expert at examining and vetting studies for scientific integrity
  • Expert at identifying facts from fads, junk studies and bad science
  • Excellent at condensing and focusing the materials
  • Ability to write clearly with some experience of giving presentations
  • Able to produce didactic, easy-to-understand (non-convoluted) written work
  • Excellent at drawing out conclusions and inconsistencies across scientific studies
  • Able to produce unbiased work and put personal opinions aside
  • Where a scientific argument is identified, able to articulate the reason for the conflicting perspectives, variables or context
  • Able to identify the most current scientific consensus on a subject

Further requirements

  • Well-organised with good time management
  • Able to keep strict deadlines
  • Confident, didactic and clear communicator
  • Good experience with and understanding of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and cloud databases
  • Analysis and organisation of scientific materials for our Research Team
  • Able to understand complex scientific information, theories and practices
  • Able to write in a clear, concise and accurate language that can be understood by our students and the general public

Why join us?

We're an established organisation, yet incredibly passionate about making a meaningful difference. We're at the forefront of nutritional sciences and we have access to research and insights - many developed by ourselves. This is an environment where you can thrive if you're organised and inquisitive. Moreover, we pay commensurate with market rates and recognise your work in many different ways. We're professionals who love to talk science - we think it's fun! And we have people in various parts in the world and are growing rapidly.

Does this sound like you?

If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you. Please complete the application form below and have the following ready:

  • 2 academic references (from university/PhD reader/Master’s supervisor)
  • Examples of your own written work (where the research has been written by you)
  • Your CV/résumé
  • Your cover letter with a personal statement highlighting your motivations for applying

The process

There are 5 initial stages before being considered:

  • Complete the application form (see below)
  • Desk analysis of your background and written work
  • Interviews with the Research Team
  • Interview with the Managing Director
  • Research and writing project, plus 8-part competencies testing

Complete the application form

When you're ready, please proceed to the job application form below.

  • All submissions will be acknowledged with an automated confirmation
  • We won't be able to provide status updates
  • We will always let you know about the outcome, regardless of whether you were successful or not
  • This is an in-office position, so please do not apply if you are not already living in or are willing to relocate to London (UK)

Good luck!

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Important: This is an in-office position, so please do not apply if you are not already living in or are willing to relocate to London.

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