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The Master Nutrition Practitioner Accelerator Program

was designed to give you everything you need to start and grow your nutrition practice –in one amazing package!
  • Gain access to all Level 5 CPD accredited certifications –including new ones being developed right now!
  • Graduate without tens of thousands in student loan debt hanging over your head for decades
  • Start practicing as soon as you finish your first certification –and then graduate to premium clients as you add to your skill set!
  • Get cutting edge scientific research that’s years ahead of many college textbooks (courtesy of our in-house research scientists)
  • Enjoy REAL business advice andresources produced by experienced professionals
  • Start a career on YOUR terms in one of the fastest growing industries in the world!

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What’s even better than one CPD accredited nutrition certification?

7+ accredited CPD nutrition certifications!

This is a program designed for aspiring nutrition professionals who want to build a fully functioning business from the ground up. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss and helping the types of clients YOU want to target, you’re exactly where you need to be.

What you’ll learn...

You’ll learn everything you need to know to help a complete range of clients achieve life changing results, and to start a nutrition business that’s both successful and socially responsible.
No more second guessing the material you learn online or wondering if you’re truly capable of advising the clients that you want to target.
Our CPD accredited certifications are built using the latest scientific research and grouped together into one Master Nutrition Practitioner Accelerator Program! You’ll have access to certifications like:
Certification accredited for 60 CPD hours
This 17-unit certification teaches you how to recognise nutrition deficiency risks, advise clients, build personalised nutrition plans, and lays a strong foundation for your future as a nutrition professional! You’ll have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with many of the philosophies and science behind nutrition and learn how to implement your new skills in real client scenarios.
Certification accredited for 60 CPD hours
This 9-unit certification focuses on building personalised dietary supplements programs for your clients and mitigating the risk of harmful intakes, dangerous combinations and contraindications. The certification itself is accredited for 60 CPD hours and gives you the knowledge you need to help clients make truly informed decisions. It’s also proudly endorsed by YMCA Awards.
Certification accredited for 90 CPD hours
This 9-unit certification teaches you everything you need to know about the fields of toxicology and detoxification. You’ll be able to help your clients in a safe and personalised way. Learn how to design custom plans for your clients in a way that beats the hype and focuses on the science behind the body’s own detoxification pathways. The Detox Specialist certification works alongside the others to enhance your knowledge and increase your personal value proposition.
Certification accredited for 90 CPD hours
You’ll get to participate in a 31-unit program that teaches you about latest science-based strategies in sports nutrition –from highly competitive athletics, to endurance, power and strength; from muscle building to fat loss. We use a combination of practical worksheets, supporting videos, and scientific research to give you the tools you need to answer clients’ questions about gains, fitness and performance, and routines that will yield the best results.
Certification accredited for 90 CPD hours
Comprised of 46-units, the Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Longevity can be used to help nearly all of your clients adopt habits that will improve the quality of their lives. We use the latest in scientific research to recognise and adapt dietary changes to increase the chance of reducing cancer risk and help slow-down the ageing process. When you complete this certification, you’ll be uniquely trained in the application of nutrition science and lifestyle interventions to help mitigate the risk of cancer and promote a healthy lifespan extension.
Certification accredited for 90 CPD hours
This 70-unit certification will help you learn about the effects of nutrition on physical, emotional and intellectual development in children. Not only does this give you a unique skill to add to your practice, you’ll also have the ability to aid a larger client base and expand your knowledge in useful and marketable ways. Children who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, and additional differences can require special nutritional insight. Having this certification gives you the tools you need to make an impact on families, schools, sports clubs, and the food industry as a whole.
Certification accredited for 60 CPD hours
This 45-unit certification has 19 modules that will help you to understand the importance of quantity, quality, and consistency of sleep. You´ll uncover the science behind the why we sleep, what happens when we don´t get enough, and learn the fundamentals of the major sleep disorders. Plus, you will learn which factors in the environment can be adjusted to help your client to fall asleep and stay asleep giving you the knowledge to build a personalised science-based sleep program.
Certification accredited for 90 CPD hours
This 58-unit certification has 20 modules that will help you to understand how to support woman, and their partner, in boosting fertility odds. You’ll uncover the science behind the menstrual cycle and the changes that women go through each month which prepare their bodies to have a child. Then, we’ll dive into tracking and analysing your client’s cycles in order to help her to understand the most optimal time (her fertile window) when she is more likely to conceive. Plus, we’ll be looking at 6 Fertility Nutrition Principles; which factors may be reducing odds of conception and which may support it. Not only will we look at each of these 6 principles and their role in female fertility, but we’ll also briefly examine how they may impact male fertility as well!
Certification accredited for 90 CPD hours
Comprised of 70 units across 19 modules, this professional certification addresses some of the most common questions and concerns surrounding the science of weight loss. We explore how appetite neurochemistry, hunger hormones, nutrition science, food addiction, eating psychology, and food allergies and intolerances contribute to weight loss over time. Then, we give you the knowledge you need to advise clients as they strive to become healthier from the inside out.

And every new level 5 certification we are (and will) release for the duration of your studies!

Total certification CPD hours: 570+

Building your business one certification at a time.

There’ no better time to start practicing as a nutrition professional than right now!
With our Master Nutrition Practitioner Accelerator Program, you have the power to finish your certifications in as little or as much time as you need…
And each certification comes with extras that can help you navigate the process of starting your own business and building it into a thriving nutrition career.
The Health Sciences Academy has designed this program to be a complete “business in a box,” and we want you to graduate with all of the tools you need to be a confident and competent nutrition advisor.

Our frequently asked questions:

This is entirely up to you! Signing up for the Master Nutrition Practitioner Accelerator program grants you access to all of the course materials for the available certifications. As long as you’re current on payments, you have the freedom to complete them at your own pace.
No. We encourage you to finish your certifications as quickly as you feel comfortable, but you can learn and test at your own pace. We also allow students to retake their final exams as many times as necessary and provide ongoing support for students who need a little extra help!
Yes, we offer all of our certifications and continuing education modules completely online-offering you a flexible education. We understand that many of our students have busy lives, and we strive to give you every opportunity to work and graduate without the pressures that can come with a brick and mortar school-without sacrificing quality.
You can start building your business (or growing your existing business) as SOON as you’ve completed at least one applicable certification! We recommend having more than one certification and completing the accelerator program to maximise your business opportunities and to grow your client base, though.
The total cost of the program is ___________________. But please don’t get sticker shock! We offer affordable trimester payments that make this program accessible to most students. It’s a serious educational commitment, and the price reflects the cost of an accredited career program. The value of these certifications far exceeds that amount, and the earning potential for a practising nutrition professional is nearly limitless. Even at the low end, nutrition professionals can easily make more than $40,000 per year. Not to mention the career options you’ll have! Click here to read more about our payment options.
Just like any other online school, we offer learning materials, necessary presentations, and study guides. Unlike other online schools, we give our students access to an experienced support system, including direct contact with research scientists, tutors, business professionals, and leading industry professionals.
Yes, our certifications are government accredited and range from level 3 to level 6. They’re developed by qualified PhDs who spend years studying the materials and gathering research that prepares students to confidently go into the nutrition industry. Many of them can be applied to other degrees at Universities!

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