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  • Why do some of us continue eating even when we’re full?
  • What are the fundamental concepts behind appetite neurochemistry?
  • Could our chronotype be making us fat?
  • How are our genes, gut microbiome and weight connected?
  • Does night eating really cause weight gain?
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Dive into the latest research on everything from why we might continue to eat (even after having a full stomach), to whether night eating causes weight gain – or not!

Contains the following Continuing Education modules:

  • Appetite Neurochemistry Part 1
  • Appetite Neurochemistry Part 2
  • Chronobesity and Chronotypes
  • Genes, Gut Microbiome and Body Weight
  • Night Eating and Body Weight

Appetite Neurochemistry Part 1

People may tell you: “when you feel full, stop eating”. But what does feeling full mean anyway? And why do we keep eating despite having a filled-up stomach? The science of feeling full is not as straightforward as you might think… Begin learning about your “hungry brain”.

In this module you will learn…

  • Why having a full stomach doesn’t necessarily stop us from eating
  • How we know when we’ve had enough
  • Whether fat cells can influence how much we eat
  • What food reward has to do with our hunger levels

Appetite Neurochemistry Part 2

Have you ever wondered why we keep feeling hungry, despite being physically full? What makes us overeat? And if your satiety signal is broken, can it be restored? We dive into the mysteries of our appetite neurochemistry to find the answers!

In this module you will learn…

  • Why we seem to lose weight, only to put it back on again so soon
  • Whether some of us are genetically predisposed to obesity
  • The reason obese individuals continue to overeat
  • Why we might engage in compensatory eating after periods of deprivation
  • Whether we’re really doomed by a “set point” weight

Chronobesity and Chronotypes

Your chronotype is the time you prefer to sleep and carry out daily activities. But does living against your chronotype disrupt your body clock and promote metabolic disease?

In this module you will learn…

  • Whether our chronotype could be making us fat
  • How our weight is affected when our biological clocks get out of synch
  • The fundamentals of social jetlag, including how it can harm our metabolism
  • Whether weight gain can really be triggered by irregular sleeping and eating patterns
  • If it’s possible to fix your chronotype

Genes, Gut Microbiome and Body Weight

In this module you will learn about the bacteria that live in your gut, and the surprising ways in which they impact your life. But is our microbiome genetically predetermined, or can we make changes for the better?

  • The relationship between our genes, gut microbiome and weight
  • Whether we inherit microbes from our parents
  • Why a bad bacteria balance could be affecting your weight – or not
  • If you can influence your gut microbiota to lose weight

Night Eating and Body Weight

We’re always hearing that eating at night makes you gain weight, but is there any science to the speculation? We put the different hypotheses to the test in this module and see what practical information comes out of them.

In this module you will learn…

  • If night eating really makes us gain weight
  • Whether scientists have thoroughly investigated this alleged association
  • The 4 theories surrounding night eating and weight gain, including whether any of these have been proven or disproven
  • What we can learn from Ramadan
  • Whether meal timing is really the problem

10 Hours Accredited Training

Good Science Beats Junk Science.
(or... Why You'll Want To Study With Us Scientists)

When most people consume junk articles and bad science, our learners want the truth.

Fortunately, as scientists in this domain, we're here to filter out the fads.

We have a very strict research and review process. For example, when we touch on a controversial topic, citing a single piece of research can be confusing. That's why, in the absence of consensus, we compile studies to show you both sides.

The findings are thoroughly investigated and based on studies vetted for scientific integrity, which have a higher probability of being accurate.

This way, we avoid bad science and deliver proven research to you.

Get Smarter. Sound Smarter.

Maybe you navigated thousands of health and nutrition websites. You found contradictions, not answers. So what is true? And what isn't?

Maybe you found some self-declared "evidence-based" blog, to later realise they are pseudo-scientific... or worse: fear-mongers.

The problem is, when you repeat what you read in there, you risk sounding incoherent, or may end up hysterically defending points you barely understand yourself...

So, how can you get the credibility you want?

In this continuing education program, we'll not only teach you proven science-based concepts, but show you the context and what it all means in practical terms.

This way, when you talk to others, you'll be spreading reliable information and earning the respect that you deserve.

Enjoy a Unique Learning Experience.

No more internet hangovers. A smooth experience with everything in one place.

We want you to enjoy your continuing education without distractions. So you can immerse yourself in the content.

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  • Get links to studies, extra reading materials, and more!
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Liked the scientific evidence, equally weighted arguments and in depth coverage.

Jana Earl, Personal Trainer, Slovakia

Excellent eye opening course, great detail in studies and material. Would highly recommend.

Edwin Heffernan, Irish Naval Service, Ireland

This course has been outstanding. I can use it personally and professionally!

Alejandro Arreguin, Pharmacy Technician, United States

I learnt a lot more than expected and the course has certainly helped become more aware of the pitfalls in our diet.

Nicole Reedy, Nurse, Australia

Easy to follow, easy access and thorough. So so happy and impressed, want to start more courses already!!

Kitty Alice Harrison, Personal Trainer, England

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