Advanced Research Techniques

Discover doctorate-level, practical research methods to tackle misinformation.

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As many as 86% of us look for health information online
In the last 2 decades, more studies have been published on nutrition and diet than in the entire history of nutrition science
Advanced research skills are often not taught well in traditional education, but they are crucial to help discern fads from facts
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FACT: Clients Need Practitioners Who Have the Skill To Keep Up With The Latest Science

(...Who Actually Understand Scientific Studies)

Many of us have felt the pain of pouring over books, websites, academic journals, and other resources looking for answers that just don’t seem to be there…
In reality, research is a highly specialised skill that requires an organised methodology. It’s virtually impossible to find the answers you’re looking for if you don’t know which questions to ask or where to look in the first place!
However, far too many educational programs take this skill for granted! Fortunately, we know what students need to succeed…
Our Advanced Research Techniques ™ certification is designed to help you sort the good information from the bad, and to teach you how to find and use the resources you need.
  • How do I find answers to complex health and nutrition questions?
  • How should I identify and collect relevant scientific studies?
  • Which sources should I use? Where are the best places to go? And how can I be sure that I’m getting all the information I need?
  • What do I do if I don’t understand what a paper is saying? How do I interpret the data accurately?
  • How can I know whether a paper is trustworthy and scientifically accurate? Can scientists themselves be biased?
  • What's the best way to uncover risky mistakes in diet books, blogs or outlets reporting science?
  • How can I recognise and counter false arguments in deliberately misleading media content?

What You'll Gain With This Training...

Doctorate-level Research Techniques

Everything you’ll discover inside this program is used by our team of scientists and PhDs every single day. The strategies you’ll get to grips with are practised by the world’s leading research institutes, so you know these are methods you can trust.

The Truth Behind the Headlines

What happens if a client is confused by something they read in the news? How can we know if there’s any truth behind a media headline? This program will show you how to identify and analyse errors commonly made by news media and blogs, so you can set a “concerned client” straight.

Detailed, Step-By-Step Guides

How do we make sense of scientific studies? What if they contradict each other? We’ll jump into exactly what makes a scientific paper tick, how you can find the ones you need, how to interpret them, and how to put them into context so the evidence you collect is sound and robust.

If You Want To Set Yourself Apart In The Nutrition Landscape...

Know how to find research that is relevant to your client
How does ‘desk research’ look like? What does it take to become a pro at this? Together, we’ll dive straight into the inner workings of literature reviews, including what they are and why they’re key when it comes to getting a handle on scientific papers. Building on this knowledge, we’ll then explore how you can establish your specific research question, so you can find the right answers for your client.
Confidently read and analyse scientific papers
As part of this program, you’ll grasp how scientific papers are structured and the ways you can use them to answer your research question. For example: How do studies communicate findings? What kinds of evidence might they provide? And which types of journals should you look for? Once we get together and solve all these uncertainties, you’ll know exactly how to sharpen your focus so you can utilise this skill when carrying out your own research.
Efficiently evaluate the reliability of a source
The next step to being an autonomous researcher is learning to sort the good science from the bad. Why do some papers get published whilst others don’t? In this program, we’ll reveal the steps researchers take to ensure their results aren’t biased and how you can identify when they are – so you can ensure the information you relay to your client is safe.
Investigate headlines and learn when to debunk them
What happens if a client is confused by something they read in the news? And how can we know if there’s any truth behind a headline? That’s why this program will show you how to identify and analyse errors commonly made by newspapers and blog articles. You’ll do this by discovering why journalists might want to mislead the public, so you can advise your client accordingly.

Why Doing Your Own Research Gives You An Unrivaled Edge...

There are huge advantages to doing your own research:
  • You can CONTROL the flow of information...
  • You can look for what YOU need to know for your practice...
  • You can FILTER out biased and unreliable sources…
All of this allows you to get more information at a faster pace – because you’ll be independently gathering your own resources.
This means that you won’t need to wade through irrelevant information and you’ll have control of what to search for, which questions to ask, and where to find the answers…
Because let’s face it – the internet is an endless ocean of misinformation and choosing the wrong resource can negatively impact your career.
The Advanced Research Techniques™ certification teaches you doctoral-level research techniques that will change the way you approach fact-finding forever.
Not only is this a fantastic certification for nutrition professionals, it’s also a skill you can use in other areas of your life!

What It Takes to Become a Research Pro...

The Advanced Research Techniques™ certification offers a specialist level training that will teach you:
  • How to find and use credible scientific papers
  • How to identify trustworthy journals
  • How to review scientific literature
  • How to sort through contradicting advice
  • How to counter health and nutrition myths

How This Can Help YOU Help Your Clients

You’ll get a variety of materials, detailed workbooks, guides, and checklists to help you when searching for the answers to your scientific questions, including:
  • Research Question Generator™
  • Scientific Search Workbook™
  • Finding Free Papers Guide™
  • Critiquing a Paper Workbook™
  • Debunking News Workbook™
  • Wikipedia Audit™

Ready to Power Up Your Authority in Health and Nutrition?

Set yourself apart in the nutrition landscape. Earn invaluable recognition.


Get the know-how to find relevant scientific papers and extract the data you need to effectively answer your client’s specific question.


Gain the confidence to become a leading nutrition professional by developing the skills you need to conduct scientific research autonomously, placing yourself at the forefront of nutrition science.


Master our four-step process to becoming a research pro. Learn how to effectively research, read, and critique scientific papers, so you can ensure your advice is of the highest quality.


Write detailed literature reviews based on the right interpretation of scientific papers - so you can answer the questions most important to you and your clients.


Learn how to debunk misleading headlines just as our very own scientists do, so you can develop field-leading, expert analysis and be able to set a confused client straight.


Apply the research techniques used by our own scientists, so you can provide clients with the most accurate nutritional advice, and pave the way for further academic study.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this training is included in the Clinical Nutrition Program as a core competency!

  • Get in touch with our experts here to understand how this will give you a further competitive edge as a nutritionist.
  • Yes, you do! You get lifetime access to everything so you can revisit your certification, client materials and session handouts, Skills Lab™, research materials, etc whenever you want.
  • Yes, of course. Once you enrol, you get lifetime access to everything, so you can pick a pace that works for you or start, pause, and restart whenever you want to.
  • Many of our current students are working full-time, part-time, or juggling multiple roles, so your flexibility is always our priority. Plus you have 24/7 access to it all to learn from any device of your choice.
  • By the end of this certification you’ll be able to:
      • Appreciate the use of literature reviews, when they are appropriate, and how to develop a research question
      • Conduct database searches to identify and collect all the relevant scientific studies
      • Read scientific papers with an understanding of their structure
      • Distinguish the different types of scientific papers, including the design and methodology of a scientific study
      • Evaluate the utility of different forms of scientific evidence, and critique the validity and generalisability of the data
      • Develop awareness of the limitations and idiosyncrasies present in scientific papers
      • Conduct thorough literature reviews with the aim to answer scientific questions
      • Recognise and counter false arguments in deliberately misleading media content
      • Uncover the common mistakes and limitations of journalism in reporting science, and understand their origins
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  • Yes! We can arrange a printed pack for this certification.
  • It will be printed in high colour, on demand, in your name (!), and sent via courier to your home address.
  • Remember that this is optional – you do not require the pack to certify.
  • Please contact our team to arrange a pack.
  • Yes! We can a arrange physical certificate after you’ve graduated.
  • It's optional, and there is a small fee for the materials, packaging, handling and postage. This will be printed on security paper, with unique identifiers. 
  • Please get in touch with our team to arrange this.
  • Yes, if you realise within 14 days of joining that this training is not right for you, we can either arrange a refund or provide you with a learner credit (T&C apply).

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