How to Know if a Career in Nutrition is Right for You

We want to let you in on a little secret:

Not everyone is cut out for a career in nutrition…but EVERYONE can benefit from learning more about it!

Sure, we know that getting the right certifications can set you up to succeed with a wide range of clients.

But is it something that you’re prepared to invest in on a professional AND personal level?

Because the only way to improve your health or the health of others is to either hire an expert…or become one yourself!

In this article, we’ll take a look at what goes into becoming a nutrition professional…

And help you decide which side of the nutritional science spectrum “ticks all of your boxes” and which approach is best for YOU!

We’ll explore:

  • The characteristics of a successful nutrition professional
  • The difference between working a full-time career and pursuing a hobby
  • The things you should consider before jumping in with both feet
  • The certifications and tools you’ll need to get started

The characteristics of a successful nutrition professional

So, let’s consider the characteristics of a nutrition professional…

When we talk about becoming a “professional” at anything, we need to really be on point when defining that term.

In this case, we’re referring to what you’ll do to financially support yourself, and what you’ll feel comfortable claiming some level of expertise in…

We also want you to think of a professional as someone who has sought out the appropriate training for their career and skill set.

Anyone can claim to be an expert, but we believe that true nutrition professionals have obtained accredited certifications from scientifically sound, qualified sources.


To be a successful nutrition professional, you need to be willing to pursue a scientifically backed, credible education…

Of course, no one wants to pursue an education in something that they aren’t interested in and passionate about.

(Interest and passion are the secret ingredients to a career that’s as rewarding as it is successful!)

Because of this, a professional without passion is like a great work of art that’s devoid of colour…

It may get the point across, but it’s not as effective, exciting, or as complete.

You need to understand the “why” behind your professional ambition…

Once you do, the “how” and “what” will fall into place!

You need to be passionate about nutrition and helping others live their very best lives!

It’s also important to ask yourself if you’re able to pursue a career as a nutrition professional…

Or if you’d rather do it for yourself? To find and live the healthiest version of you on an everyday basis.

It’s not fair to you or your future clients if you aren’t prepared to jump in with both feet!

This is a passion that can become a lucrative and socially positive career, but only if you’re willing and ready to put in the work.

At The Health Sciences Academy, we allow you to grow your opportunities through expert certifications, and take them as you’re able.

To be successful and happy in your role as a nutrition professional, you’ll need to be ‘P-WARP’:

  • Passionate about helping people and nutrition as a whole
  • Willing to get an education
  • Aware of your career options
  • Ready to commit to your goals
  • Prepared to get started!

Still uncertain? We have a simple exercise to help you discover if your values align with a career in nutrition…

Your core values are the beliefs that make you who you are.

When you take the time to define your core values, you can choose a career path that will allow you to live your best life while helping others to live theirs.

Do this practical exercise:

  • Take a moment to empty your mind. We all want to think we know ourselves, but preconceived notions can detract from your personal perspective.
  • Next, try to remember a time in your life when you did something that made you truly happy. Write down what you were doing and WHY it made you feel so good.
  • Then, think back to a time when you felt upset or frustrated. Try to identify why you felt this way and write down an alternative action that would’ve changed how you felt about that scenario.
  • The WHY behind your happiness and the solution to your frustration can both help you to identify your core values.
  • Create a list of values that you KNOW you want to shape your life (sometimes these lists can get long, so it can help to group values together).
  • Then, use your list to see if your chosen career is going to measure up!

Studies have shown that choosing a career that aligns with your core values can lead to increased contentment in the workplace and an overall boost in productivity.

So, if your core values include things like helping people, making a difference, improving quality of life, and humanitarian efforts, a career in nutrition might be right for you!

The difference between working a full-time career and pursuing a hobby

You also need to decide if you’re ready for a career or a hobby…

So, what’s the difference between a hobby and a career?

After all…

Both can be monetised…

Both can be the product of personal passions or goals…

And both can require specific skill sets.

However, a career is sometimes defined as a place where passion and purpose intersect.

And pursuing a career means turning your passion into the full-time focus of your professional life.

As opposed to a hobby…

Which rarely runs as deep or dominates your educational goals.

When you choose a career in nutrition, you’re committing to a long-term goal that should be the result of your passion, educational pursuits, and personal purpose.

If you feel that you’re ready for a real career in nutrition, and you’re committed to doing it the right way (with accredited certifications and tools geared towards client success), then it may be time to consider your next steps…

The things you should consider before jumping in with both feet

We know that there are a huge number of options available to learn about health and nutrition, but we’ve worked hard to create something different…

Our certifications cover a wide range of topics and services that allow you to build a multi-service practice. This way, you set yourself apart from the competition and avoid being that one trick pony.

Because the more people you can help, the bigger the difference you can make in the lives of others…

And the more you’ll be able to increase your earning potential!

Before you take your next steps, consider this:

  • Do you want an accredited certification which is flexible, and that you can study and complete at your own pace?
  • Do you want to remain up to date, and receive lifetime access?
  • Do you want additional client tools that save you time and help streamline your client business?
  • Do you want insider info to help get your career off the ground?

The certifications and tools you’ll need to get started

So, is a career in nutrition for you?

And are you ready to take control of your future and start working towards a career that aligns with your core values?

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Click here to start your premium nutrition education and begin your professional evolution today!

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