January 2014 scholarship winner announced!

Since last week, we’ve been going through nearly 100 scholarship entries. It’s been an absolute privilege to read every entry that has been submitted this year. If you don’t know how to enter this contest, don’t worry, it will be explained to you as soon as you pass your final theory exam.

And this month’s FREE scholarship winner is….

Gerry Gallacher, who recently completed the Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor Certification with us, writes:

The reason I decided to study this course it was because I am actively involved in sport and athletics, I am a runner and have been running for over 15 years.

I have completed a number of races over the years (5k,10k,10mile Half Marathon and Marathon) and some foreign races also, my most recent overseas trip was running the Palma Mallorca Marathon in October 2013. 

This is a photo from the Palma Marathon with my partner Sarah, we are both wearing the club colours of the Scottish Prison Service Amateur Athletic Club.

The other photos are from a recent, Cross Country fixture in Edinburgh, Braid Hills.

The course was a great learning experience. I would recommend it to anyone who may be considering, studying dietary and nutritional supplements for sports persons whether it may be amateur or elite participants.

Congratulations, Gerry!! And a HUGE thank you for sharing your story and cool photos with us and your fellow students!

P.S. We read each and every entry with great interest. Please know that it was no easy feat for us to select a winner and we are so grateful for your participation!

The Health Sciences Academy Team

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