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Where health science and advanced coaching principles converge, creating a new breed of health coaching program…
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Earlier this year, we realised that there are far too many poorly trained and underqualified health coaches – posing a risk of harm to their clients and the industry as a whole.
So, we asked ourselves, “How can we do health coaching better?”
And with the help of Philippe Mathijs (an internationally award-winning Executive Coach, our own Director of Coaching, and CEO of Reach Outstanding), the THSA Professional Health Coaching Program was born!

When you’re accepted into the program, you’ll experience:

  • LIVE weekly classes led by our own Chief Science Educator, Alex Ruani, and Director of Coaching, Philippe Mathijs
  • A program designed ethically, that goes above and beyond International Coaching Federation standards

  • 100 hours of health coaching practice and training (more than required by ICF standards)
  • A professional health coaching program that prepares you for a six-figure career immediately upon graduation

  • 20 weeks of interactive instructor-led classes designed to produce advanced health coaches
  • Focused training painstakingly created by some of the most prestigious individuals in both the health and coaching industries

  • The credibility afforded to ACCREDITED health coaches (instead of cheap online imitations or “fluffy” programs)

  • A fast track to your own ICF credentials

Why you – why now?

We know…
If you have an interest in health and coaching, you’ve likely been bombarded with online coaching programs promising exceptional results.
However, far too many of these health coaching programs over-promise, and vastly under-deliver.
The Health Sciences Academy in conjunction with Reach Outstanding is striving to do just the opposite.
When YOU walk away with this THSA Professional Health Coaching Certification – you WILL receive a world-class education that prepares you to become a world-class health coach.
This empowers you – because when you have that authority, you can SERVE more, and EARN more.

Do you have what it takes?

This is a new kind of health coaching program designed to create advanced professional health coaches – and this means it’s going to require some serious dedication…
Upon joining this program, you’ll need to be:
  • Prepared to dedicate time each week to live classes and course work for the next 20-weeks
  • Ready to create a full-time career out of your health coaching business
  • Dedicated to helping people
  • Driven enough to learn and apply these revolutionary health coaching principles
  • Courageous enough to pursue your dreams and ready to make them a reality
This health coaching program is for students who are prepared to pursue an advanced health coaching education that will allow them to work and perform at a higher standard than anyone else on the market.

World class health coaching program…

The cost of the THSA Professional Health Coaching Program is $7800, with the option to break it up into multiple payments.
Due to the LIVE Sessions, we must also limit our class size to no more than 100 students. Right now, we have ten times that amount requesting additional information – so please schedule your admissions interview as quickly as possible!

Need more information?

Meet Your Lead Instructors!

Alex Ruani
Chief Science Educator and Doctoral Researcher
Alex Ruani is a Doctoral Researcher in Nutrition Science Education at University College London, and Chief Science Educator at The Health Sciences Academy, where she leads a team of accomplished scientists and PhDs on large education and publishing projects helping 150,000+ working and aspiring nutrition professionals succeed in their careers. Her expertise is sharing what’s new and what’s actually working in the field of nutrition, giving learners the tools they need to stay on top of evidence-based advice and get ahead of the curve.
Philippe Mathijs
Director of Coaching and CEO of Reach Outstanding
Philippe has coached and led learning programs across numerous organisations and industries including financial services, payments, pharmaceuticals, healthcare providers, and law firms. He has reached the PCC level coaching credential and has served as a Board Executive of the International Coach Federation (ICF) – UAE Chapter during 2019, and has helped leaders succeed all over the world!
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