Can You Succeed as a Sports and Fitness Professional without Focusing on Diet?

The short answer is no…

As a sports and fitness professional, personal trainer, weight loss coach, or athletic coach, you know that your business success is completely dependent on the success of your clients.

Their results prove your methods and create a case for others to use your services. In turn, a lack of results can reduce your word-of-mouth advertising and damage your professional reputation.

And a lack of results happens when exercise and sports performance are not properly supported through diet and good nutrition.

So, what needs to come together to ensure a successful exercise and fitness practice?

Keep reading to find out…

Diet plays an important part in client success.

When you’re a sports or fitness professional, the vitality of your client depends upon a careful balance of at least 50 nutrients. These can include:

  • Sources of energy, measured in calories, which may come from carbohydrates, fats or proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino acids (which we get when proteins are digested)
  • Essential fatty acids

If just one of any of these nutrients is missing, vitality, energy and peak athletic performance are just not possible!

Without proper nutrition, your client can experience performance issues that can make even the best training schedule appear less than effective.

The body requires the right mix of the aforementioned nutrients to excel when exercising or performing physical activities. However, before foods can give your client energy and stamina, hundreds of chemical reactions must take place, involving 30 vitamins and minerals.

Without those essential micro-nutrients, the human body can’t unlock the potential energy in food.

And keep in mind, one-third of all chemical reactions in our bodies are dependent on tiny quantities of minerals, and even more on vitamins.

Sound complicated?

That’s why it’s essential that you – as a fitness and exercise professional – have the knowledge you need to help your clients back up their performance with the right nutrition!

If your clients aren’t making progress, your business will fail.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time with your client in the gym consistently only to have their gains fall flat on competition day.

Or to have a client who’s shooting for a specific goal time, and instead logging a slower race in spite of seeming to do everything right.

These things may happen occasionally due to circumstances beyond your control (e.g., an injury, poor rest, or other outside factors), but these things shouldn’t be the norm as your practice progresses.

If this seems like a trend with many (or most) of your clients, then you may be neglecting one of the most important performance components… diet!

When clients fail to see progress or to meet their goals, then it appears as if you aren’t capable of helping them. And not being able to help your clients will hamper your ability to get new clients onboard.

You’re there to help people achieve a specific goal and/or improve athletic performance. When you aren’t doing these things, then your nutrition business will suffer.

After all, some of the greatest marketing tools you have as a nutrition professional are your past successful clients. When clients aren’t successful, then you’re not working with the right clients, or you aren’t doing everything necessary for them to succeed.

So, what can you do to ensure client success?

To really provide clients with the best possible chance to reach peak athletic performance, you’ll need a working knowledge of nutrition science and how it merges with a custom training regime.

Fortunately, through our innovative Nutrition Business Explorer Program, you can build a specialised certification path that focuses on the skills you’ll need to work with fitness and exercise clients…

Starting with the Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor Certification!

In this certification, you will learn how to engineer and personalise a training diet for different kinds of athletes in greater detail and by using the advanced strategies taught throughout the materials.

You’ll grow your business through customisation, knowledge, and a steady stream of positive client results.

Your next steps…

Click here to learn more about the Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor certification today – and help your business grow through client success!

In this certification, you’ll learn how to personalise nutrition programs for athletes and active clients:

  • Science-based nutritional plans: per training volume, gender, weight, metabolism, athletic goals
  • Competition diets for peak performance (from short to prolonged events)
  • Help team sports, endurance, strength and power, bodybuilding, weight control
  • Hydration strategies used by elite athletes and world-class champions
  • Engineered sports products (from lite waters to protein shakes)
  • Food diary analyses and recommendations
  • Advice from the International Olympic Committee and world-leading scientists

Get the full details and PDF curriculum download here.

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But what is plant-based eating – and what is it not? Does it allow for some animal foods… or is it about going entirely vegan?

In this webinar, we put an end to this debate by revealing our groundbreaking 10-level framework for transitioning from plant-rich, to plant-based, to possibly plant-exclusive, in a way that respects each of your client’s needs and self-determined goals. We will also show you impactful strategies to support your clients’ interest in eating more plant foods and how facilitate plant-forward eating behaviour change, the right way.

We’ll also answer the question: Are all plant-food diets healthy?

Although research has related plant-based diets with health advantages and overall disease risk mitigation, going exclusively plant-based (especially when done wrong) carries dangerous risks – from gastrointestinal disturbances to 'vegan insomnia', tiredness and brain drain, to overeating or undereating, panic about shopping/food preparation, harmful dietary insufficiencies, … and the list goes on.

So, what’s the right way of helping a client mitigate these problems? How might you support a smoother plant-eating transition without fears and unwanted complications?

Completing this CPD-certified training will equip you with vital know-how underpinning plant-forward nutrition client practice, alongside insights about adequately building personalised plant-focused dietary plans that clients love and can keep up with.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll discover in this special CPD certified webinar:

  • From planetary health to human health: learning about the World Health Organization’s ‘One Health’ model
  • What is plant-based eating, what is it not, and how to put an end to this debate with a ‘plant-forward mindset’
  • Importance of transitioning from plant-rich, to plant-based, to possibly plant-exclusive in a way that respects your clients’ needs and self-determined intentions
  • Plant-based gone wrong: uncovering the dangerous physical and mental health risks of going exclusively plant-based – and how to prevent them
  • Advantages of becoming an Advanced Plant-Forward Nutrition Specialist™ and integrating plant-eating behavioural-change strategies into your work with our NEW Level 5 Certification

How to proficiently support your clients’ plant-forward dietary enhancements by applying the groundbreaking 10-level nutrition client framework (which is proprietary to The Health Sciences Academy and validated by world-leading researcher Dr David Katz and the True Health Initiative – to be revealed for the first time in this exclusive webinar)

Remember you have the option of claiming your smart CPD certificate when you complete this webinar!

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