Growing Your Nutrition Business – How to Overcome Client Objections

You’ve finished your certifications, set up your business, and prepared yourself to work with clients…

Now, you need to start making sales.

Aside from marketing, sales are one of the most difficult things that new business owners encounter. Not everyone is a natural salesperson, and many people have a difficult time asking others to pay for their services.

For some, the fear of appearing “spammy” or being told “no” can be enough to deter them from ever getting their business off the ground.

Fortunately, creating a steadfast sales process can help defeat your nerves and get your nutrition business off the ground! And this all starts with understanding and learning how to overcome client objections…

Exactly what IS a client objection?

When you began your nutrition business and created your marketing strategy, you probably created a target persona. This is the avatar that represents the ideal customer you’ll be approaching with your nutrition services.

Hopefully, you also looked at your business through your ideal client’s eyes. What did they see? And why would they WANT to hire you?

Then, you needed to ask yourself:

“Why wouldn’t they want to hire me?”

This is at the heart of the client’s objection.

A client objection is any concern, line of reasoning, or argument that would prevent your ideal client from working with you. Some of these are part of a client’s internal dialogue, while others will be addressed with you externally.

Being good at sales means preparing to address both internal and external client objections. You’ll need to be prepared to put their worries to rest and to answer any questions that a client may have about your nutrition business.

Different types of client objections…

If you’ve done a good job creating and reaching out to your target persona, you’ve already excluded obvious objections (those who don’t fit into your target audience, are providing similar services, or have extenuating medical or personal circumstances preventing them from working with you).

This leaves a list of objections that you can realistically anticipate, including:

“I don’t think I can afford this right now.”

This is an extremely sensitive objection that can be a deal-breaker for many potential clients – and one you should take very seriously.

While many of us know that our health is a serious priority, asking people to pay for health-related services can be difficult.

There are two reasons for this objection – either the client truly can’t afford your services or can but don’t see the expenditure as a priority.

If a client truly can’t afford to work with you, then it’s okay to cross them off your list of leads. You can’t get blood from a turnip, and pushing someone to pay for something they genuinely won’t be able to afford will end badly for all involved.

Now, when a client simply doesn’t feel that they can justify the expense, you’ll need to help them understand just how important good nutrition is to their health. Take the time to REALLY listen to them, acknowledge their fears, and explain the benefits they’ll receive from working with you.

When a client needs to justify the expense, simply show them the value.

“What can you offer me that I can’t find on the internet?”

This is a relatively simple objection to address.

The internet is a veritable minefield of bad information about health and nutrition. Potential clients are being bombarded with fads, bad advice, and fake “gurus” who have never legitimately studied nutrition.

Not only can you offer customised one on one advice, but you can also act as a voice of reason in a sea of bad information.

Explain the dangers of bad advice and the advantages of working with a nutrition professional who’s completely in tune with their personal situation.

If they have a question, they won’t have to dig for an answer (that may not be valid anyway). You’ll be an email or a session away – ready to help your client succeed in all of their health and wellness goals!

You’ll also have access to unique client tracking tools and technology when you study with The Health Sciences Academy that will give you an edge over any generic online program.

That personalisation is everything to clients who genuinely want to feel better, live longer, and get the most out of their health.

“What makes you qualified to help me with my nutrition issues?”

This question is where you can really shine!

The Health Sciences Academy develops all of our certifications using the latest in nutrition science. You’ll learn how nutrition plays a part in so many aspects of health and wellness, and you’ll be prepared to explain this to your clients.

When a prospective client asks this question, you can show them your accredited certifications, transcripts, and social proof in the form of reviews or other client testimonials (when applicable).

Actively listen to their goals, issues, and concerns. Then, use your knowledge to explain how you can help them. Don’t be afraid to discuss the science behind what you do and why it works – this gives the client some insight into your expertise and showcases your capabilities.

Using both your certification materials and your scientific knowledge should provide them with physical and intellectual proof of your ability to help them.

“What makes you different from other health and wellness professionals who want to help me?”

Questions like this show a trust deficit. Maybe the person has had a bad experience with others trying to sell them on ineffective fad programs. Or, they’ve had less than stellar results in the past.

Skittish clients will require more proof of your ability to help them reach their health and nutrition goals.

As we mentioned above, provide physical and intellectual proof of your capabilities. In this instance, it’s also a good idea to reference additional social proof – even allowing them to speak with former, satisfied clients (when both parties are comfortable and consent).

You can also showcase the global track record of credible nutrition science provided by The Health Sciences Academy via our website and multiple awarding bodies.

Sometimes that additional credibility can make all the difference in the world.

Not everyone will be a good fit for your nutrition services.

There is an endless stream of potential objections, and if a client isn’t a good fit, it’s okay. It’s better to work with a smaller group of amazing clients who will get real results than a larger group of mediocre clients who won’t stick with your services and won’t see any real improvement.

Even though nutrition is necessary for everyone on the planet, not everyone will fit into your target market – especially as you niche down and start to flourish in your specialisations.

And remember, the most important thing in overcoming client objections is your credibility, which starts with a premium nutrition education.

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