The Evolution of the Successful Nutrition Professional: Part Three, Start Your Engines and Drive!

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Are you getting excited about the future of your nutrition business yet?

At this point, you may be well on your way to becoming a credible and successful nutrition professional.

Even if you’re not there yet, this article can give you a sneak peek into the future and help you set actionable goals!

Our first article focused on career preparation, the second on initial launch and success, and now we need to consider your growth- personally and professionally.

As you learn more about nutrition and how it impacts your clients, you open yourself up to a whole new world of professional opportunities.

Read on to learn how diversifying your career path and expanding your education can give you the tools you need to evolve into a thriving nutrition entrepreneur…

It starts with boosting client numbers…

As a nutrition professional, you’re essentially standing at the intersection of business and nutrition. Both skills are necessary for you to be successful and sustainable.

Success isn’t based on any single factor…

If it was, that magic switch would be all you needed to hit to instantly reach your goals. But it doesn’t work like that – and that’s a good thing. Success requires effort and as a nutrition entrepreneur, it’s also measured in the number of clients you help.

Yes, working with premium clients can give you the opportunity to focus your talents on a smaller group while still reaching your financial goals, but having a steady pipeline of clients is still essential to your business’ stability.

We touched on marketing yourself in our last article, but your marketing plan is something that needs to constantly evolve with your nutrition business.

Remember, as soon as you put one marketing plan into action, you’ll need to have another one in the works.

Fortunately, many high-quality nutrition professionals are able to jump-start their growth via word of mouth advertising. All you need are a few faithful clients who are so excited about their results that they want to share their progress with the world…

It’s also a good idea to secure testimonials that can be used for future marketing efforts.

“Do I need a website?”

This is a question that we hear a lot, and the answer depends on your professional needs.

If you’re just starting out, you may not need to spend the time or money building a web presence (although it can be a great boost to share testimonials and services via social media).

However, as you grow, building a website can give your business a digital home, and can create a new funnel for prospective clients. It’s all about growth and your level of local and professional visibility.

Some nutrition professionals are able to use email marketing with great success, while others rely on strategic local and online partnerships. Your marketing action plan should fall in line with your goals and capabilities…

This teaches us that we need to branch out into other specialisations in order to best serve our current and future clients.

The best way to do this is to diversify your skills and move into other sections of the industry.

Don’t stop at one certification. Instead, allow your current path to push you just a little further. The more education you receive, the more clients you’ll be able to help!

So, should you build a multi-service practice?

The short answer is yes – if you plan on building a business that’s both successful and sustainable!

When we talk about diversifying your skills to serve more people, we’re looking at the way that individual certifications can be used to help a wider variety of clients…

Think of multiplying your specialisations as growing their value by combining them.

These combinations allow different certifications to work with one another to enhance the value. Imagine a client that started with you because they had a weight loss goal…

Then, maybe they decided to incorporate a serious exercise routine into their daily life.

Having both a weight loss certification and a sports nutrition certification gives you the ability to help them in multiple ways simultaneously.

Now, imagine that the same client has small children and wants to improve their nutrition at home…

Add in your Advanced Child and Brain Development certification, and you’ve tripled your value!

If you’re doing a great job and multiplying specialisations, you’ll multiply your earning potential.

Premium clients place importance on quality and convenience. If you can provide both of these things, then you’ll have an edge on your competition and be able to book at a higher rate.

The key to growing your nutrition business is growing your nutrition capabilities…

Real business growth is a combination of quality services and a growing number of happy clients! As you grow as a professional so will the types of clients you’ll be able to help.

Premium clients are those who demand more time, and are willing to pay for a heightened level of exclusivity…

There’s also a premium demographic who simply sees your credentials and allows this to compound your professional worth.

In short- clients who consider experience, education and credibility as commodities are willing to pay more for the same services…

They may not be the type of clients who pay thousands for a single session (potentially high-ticket clients), but they can certainly increase your earning potential in a big way!

Through experience and failures, we learn to be better nutrition professionals. These speed bumps are what teach you how to really navigate the business side of the industry.

Maybe you’ve slipped and given free advice in the past…

Or maybe you’ve let impostor syndrome get in the way of your personal wins…

The truth is – you can do this. You just need to be dedicated and continue growing your practice as you grow your skills.

The next article in this series will delve a little deeper into what you can (and should) learn about expanding your nutrition business and getting your dream clients…

We’ve seen success from many of our students, and we’re going to share some of their tips for building an amazing nutrition business!

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