Three Powerful Ways to Expand Your Nutrition Practice WITHOUT a Website or Social Media

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We live in a digital world and many of us have grown up with instant access to information. Everything anyone needs to know is only a click away, and many companies have learned to capitalise on this.

But with the internet being so saturated with nutrition businesses, practices, and coaching opportunities, how can you compete if you’re just starting out?

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an “influencer” or online Rockstar to reach your target audience!

At The Health Sciences Academy, we know that nutrition professionals at every stage of their careers need help finding and building relationships with potential clients…

So, we’ve put together three incredibly powerful ways to expand your nutrition practice without having to spend time and money building an online presence. Keep reading to learn more…

Leverage your relationships in a positive way…

Having a passion for nutrition and living a healthier life tends to connect you with people who have similar interests.

This is a great place to start after you graduate and prepare to take on paying clients. The key is to know how to cultivate genuine relationships that are mutually beneficial for you and your industry connections.

No one wants to network with someone who only pretends to have an interest in them so that they can leverage their personal relationship for professional reasons.

Make sure that you’re putting your connections in a professional context and setting up very well-defined agreements about how your services will benefit them as well!


You have a professional connection you made during a Health Sciences Academy webinar you attended a few months ago. You and this connection talk, email, and text frequently, and you feel comfortable leveraging your professional relationship.

This person owns a local gym, and you ask them if you can offer your services in their facility for an additional membership fee they are able to charge their customers. They agree, but only if you enter into a contract to give them 10-percent of your earnings generated via this fee by partnering with their gym each month.

You agree, and are able to start working with clients immediately, and you maintain a mutually beneficial professional relationship!

This is a good example of the right way to leverage those professional connections. Both parties are using their resources to help the other, and everything is neatly put in a simple contract. The situation is a transaction, and the agreement is clear cut and easy to work with.

There are a huge number of different relationships and connections you can leverage to start growing your nutrition business and attracting new clients. It’s just a matter of recognising and making good use of your resources!

We’ve mentioned it before, but our Client Getting Bundles offer additional valuable information for expanding your business without needing an expensive website or huge social media following.

And there are plenty of other ways to make the most out of your ties to the nutrition community…

Like participating in public events…

If you’ve never attended a conference or networking event on nutrition science you’re missing out!

These types of events are held all over the world, and often feature some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the nutrition and health industries (like our own Alex Ruani!)…

Even a smaller event held at the local health club can give you the opportunity to introduce yourself as a nutrition expert and establish your relationship with the community.

When you attend these events, it can be beneficial to arm yourself with branded business cards, print materials, and information about your capabilities and scope of practice.

Some nutrition professionals are fortunate enough to be able to speak at these events, or to be chosen to introduce world renowned experts! This can be an exciting way to make progress in your nutrition business in a fast-paced professional environment.

Make sure that you represent yourself in a professional way, and subtly make it known that you’re open to customer referrals and partnerships. Make an effort to stay in contact with professionals you connect with during these events and build lasting relationships!

Build a strong referral program and know your target audience…

One of the most important things you need to do to expand and solidify your nutrition business is to get to know your target audience!

This means taking a step back and looking at your practice like a potential customer…

What problems would you need help with? What types of nutritional advice would you need? What type of settings would you be comfortable getting this advice in? Where would you spend your time and look for information on nutritional advising?

These are all questions that you should make an effort to answer to develop this target customer persona.

Give this persona a name and think of it like a living breathing person. Then, you can understand how to best reach members of your ideal target audience!

Once you start reaching your customers on their terms, you can start developing referral programs that perpetuate your professional success.

Some components of a good referral program include:

  • Discounts for clients who generate additional business
  • Coupon and discount programs for group sessions and family sessions
  • Create incentives or additional value props for successful referrals
  • Make sure that you make your referral program obvious and accessible

And always offer value…

Value is the key word any time that you’re attempting to expand your nutrition practice and grow your client base. Doing this means having the best science backed nutrition certifications possible and using your knowledge to improve the lives of your clientele.

This is where The Health Sciences Academy’s complete range of certifications comes in!

Click here to learn more about how you can achieve all of the certifications you need to build a complete nutrition business from scratch…


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