Our Top 10 Practical Tips to Reduce Stress

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Would you believe that it’s been estimated that 60-80% of doctors appointments are stress related!

Plus 50% of work absenteeism is thought to be due to being stressed out…

And with the pressure to perform harder and be the best in all aspects of life (including work, family, and social areas), this is likely to only increase in the years ahead!

So how can you help yourself (and your clients) to feel more relaxed when all around you seems to be in chaos?

Here´s our top 10 practical tips to reduce stress levels:

Which of these could you introduce today?

1. Identifying what sets you off and try to limit those triggers in your life

2. Reading a relaxing book

3. Talking to someone

4. Exercising – even going for a brief walk or doing 5 pushups

5. Having a tea break

6. Meditating and focusing on breathing

7. Managing your time

8. Eating fruits and vegetables high in nutrients

9. Getting more or higher quality sleep

10. Having some “me” time

Curious to learn more ways to reduce stress?

In our Stress Management Advisor Certification, we go over the science of 50 different techniques to help you manage your own stress – and that of your clients.

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