Menopause Health

Guide menopausal women through this transformative phase with clarity and confidence.

Menopause Health IICT
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About 1.2 billion women will be either in the menopause transition or postmenopause by 2023
About 80% of women will experience symptoms during perimenopause or postmenopause
Up to 42% of women in the UK have considered leaving their job due to menopausal symptoms. And about 10% have actually quit.
In the UK 1 million women lost their jobs due to menopause symptoms like memory lapses, poorer cognitive performance, depression, etc
Over 90% of postmenopausal women surveyed were never taught about menopause at school
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Who will benefit from certifying in Menopause Health?

Whether you’re approaching perimenopause, currently navigating it, want to help a client or patient, or simply seeking to expand your knowledge, this course equips you with the practical know-how you need.
Nutrition Professionals

Integrate menopause health know-how into your practice

Personal trainers

Optimise fitness during menopause and manage symptoms

Health & Wellness Coaches

Provide holistic coaching to thrive through the menopause transition

Yoga & Pilates Instructors

Tailor your routine to address the unique needs of menopausal women

Women Approaching Or Navigating Menopause

Empower yourself with evidence-based knowledge 

Medical Professionals

Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in menopause health

Influencers & Speakers

Share scientific information with your followers and create a safe, supportive space

Corporate Executives

Create a healthier and inclusive workplace for women

What makes this Level 5 certification a cut above?

Scientific knowledge

Dive into hormonal rebalancing, symptom management, dietary modifications, and lifestyle factors that impact menopause

Practical strategies

Manage menopausal symptoms with confidence, mitigate short and long-term health risks, and improve overall well-being

Personalised approach

Address the unique challenges faced by women during the menopausal transition and postmenopause

Developed by experts

Tap into combined expertise of our team of scientists, nutritionists and dietitians, and thought leaders

Download the Menopausal Symptoms Workbook™

Support women in navigating their Menopause journey with confidence

This step-by-step workbook has been designed by established scientists and subject-matter experts.

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Make a difference with the
10-Pillar Menopause Health Framework™

The Menopause Health certification focuses on the 10 core areas to balance hormones and reduce menopausal symptoms so women don’t just survive but thrive through this life-changing transition.
The 10-Pillar Menopause Health Framework™ is developed and copyright protected by The Health Sciences Academy ®

How Menopause Health is Interconnected​

This certification dives into the intricate relationship between different competencies which help women reduce menopausal symptoms like dietary patterns, exercise, mental health, sleep hygiene, etc.

Become a successful women-health-focused Nutritionist

While this is a great competency to have on its own, Nutritionists of the Future™ look for more ways than one to make a lasting difference with clients. Consider our premium Clinical Nutrition Program ™ and join fellow professionals who learn how to make a bigger difference and establish a new earning level.
Advanced Competencies
Done-for-you client resources
Hours of clinical skills
Month before earning
Master the science and the system to be a Nutritionist of the Future
Stay ahead of the competition and accelerate your success with the Clinical Nutrition Program
Drive long-lasting impact with multiple nutrition disciplines, guided clinical skills training, and practical resources
Become a trusted, well-rounded professional and deliver personalised, safe and sound advice to clients
Unlock new opportunities and earn back your investment in no time while continuing with your studies
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Can I join the Menopause Health certification on its own?

We recommend that you join this training as an elective of our Clinical Nutrition Program as this offers so much more, including multi-disciplinary expertise, VIP guidance and support, practical resources, and Clinic Toolkit Pro. However, you have the option of purchasing it on its own.

Transform Lives with Menopause Health Knowledge

By 2030, an astounding 1.2 billion women will be navigating the menopause transition or postmenopause. While some will breeze through it with minimal discomfort, others may face severe symptoms that challenge their day-to-day lives.​ Yet most women know very little about menopause and fear this time of their lives, which is amplified by social media comparison traps, unrealistic expectations, misinformation, self-doubt, guilt, and shame – leaving them unprepared and anxious about this natural transition.

As a result, most women resign to ‘suffer through it’ without accurate knowledge of the choices available or adequate support.

So if your clients or loved ones have questions like:

This training empowers you with the scientific framework to navigate menopause-related health challenges, symptoms, and strategies to support them with confidence.

What’s included in the Menopause Health Certification

In a world where knowledge is the key to success, this certification offers a comprehensive curriculum that sets you on a path to becoming a leading expert in menopause health.

Part 1: Introduction to Menopause Health

We start by looking at what is menopause, including the different stages of a woman’s reproductive life, hormonal changes that occur, how you can know if it’s menopause or not, what contributes to an early menopause, etc.

Additionally, we’ll introduce ideas for reducing symptoms and health complications.

Part 2 : Strategies for Rebalancing Hormones

We will deep dive into strategies for optimising health during perimenopause and postmenopause by focusing on these 6 main areas:
  • Inflammation​
  • Hyperglycaemic responses​
  • Nutrient deficiencies​
  • Brain effect and mental health​
  • Sleep troubles​
  • Toxins and endocrine disruptors

Part 2 : Strategies for Rebalancing Hormones

We will deep dive into strategies for optimising health during perimenopause and postmenopause by focusing on these 6 main areas:
  • Inflammation​
  • Hyperglycaemic responses​
  • Nutrient deficiencies​
  • Brain effect and mental health​
  • Sleep troubles​
  • Toxins and endocrine disruptors

Part 3 - Nutrition for Symptom Reduction​

We’ll show you how to manage some of the more common menopause symptoms – including hot flushes and night sweats, brain fog, mood changes, difficulty sleeping, urinary tract infections, reduced libido, vagina dryness, and weight gain – by harnessing the power of certain foods, nutrients, and dietary habits.

Plus, we’ll explore longer-term unwanted consequences of lower oestrogen levels and changes in other hormones, which includes examining cardiovascular, skeletal, and skin health as well as lessening cancer, diabetes, and thyroid disease risks.

Breaking the Silence on Menopause Health

Tune into these interviews featuring powerhouse leaders in the field where we cover the A-Z of the menopause journey – from its multi-faceted complex challenges to the role of health and wellness professionals in providing informed, empathetic care to women.

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  • Yes, as an elective specialisation!
  • That means, in addition to the multiple core competencies and advanced clinical skills training, you have the option to choose Menopause Health as your preferred elective.
  • Get in touch with our experts here to understand how this will give you a further competitive edge as a nutritionist.
  • Yes, you do! You get lifetime access to everything so you can revisit your certification, client materials and session handouts, Skills Lab™, research materials, etc whenever you want.
  • Yes, of course. Once you enrol, you get lifetime access to everything, so you can pick a pace that works for you or start, pause, and restart whenever you want to.
  • Many of our current students are working full-time, part-time, or juggling multiple roles, so your flexibility is always our priority. Plus you have 24/7 access to it all to learn from any device of your choice.
  • By the end of this certification you’ll be able to:
      • Define menopause, detail the hormonal changes from pre-menopause to postmenopause, and describe the four key stages of menopause along with their characteristics.
      • Identify common symptoms of perimenopause and postmenopause, and understand the role of dietary and lifestyle modifications, as well as hormone replacement therapy, in managing these symptoms.
      • Understand the changes in oestrogen, FSH, LH, progesterone, and testosterone levels during menopause and their potential health impacts, including the risks of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, and metabolic syndrome.
      • Learn the significance of menstrual cycle tracking for the menopausal transition and review the key medical tests useful for diagnosing menopause.
      • Distinguish between early and premature menopause and discuss the common symptoms and health risks associated with premature ovarian insufficiency (POI).
      • Evaluate the roles of lifestyle, environmental factors, and genetics in menopause.
      • Examine the relationship between menopausal symptoms and systemic inflammation, hyperglycaemic responses, nutrient deficiencies, mental health, stress, and sleep quality.
      • Develop comprehensive strategies for managing weight gain during perimenopause and postmenopause and understand the role of diet and exercise in maintaining metabolic health.
      • Understand the impact of alcohol consumption, smoking, and endocrine disruptors on menopause symptoms, and how dietary and lifestyle changes can improve menopause-related health issues.
      • Identify nutritional strategies, essential nutrients, and supplements for women, focusing on their roles in mitigating menopausal symptoms and reducing health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, skin diseases, cancer diabetes, and thyroid diseases.
  • Yes, you have the option to spread your tuition fee if you are joining the Clinical Nutrition Program. 
  • In case you are joining only the Menopause Health certification or the launch-special success package, we usually don’t offer instalment options. 
  • However, considerations can be made on a case-by-case basis. we may be able to help you spread payments. 
  • Please contact our team here and indicate your budget, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
  • Once you complete this certification, you will certify in Menopause Health. If you complete the Clinical Nutrition Program with Menopause Health as your elective specialisation, you will be a THSA Certified Clinical Nutritionist, with the post-nominal THSA-CCN.
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  • Yes! We can arrange a printed pack for this certification.
  • It will be printed in high colour, on demand, in your name (!), and sent via courier to your home address.
  • Remember that this is optional – you do not require the pack to certify.
  • Please contact our team to arrange a pack.
  • Yes! We can a arrange physical certificate after you’ve graduated.
  • It's optional, and there is a small fee for the materials, packaging, handling and postage. This will be printed on security paper, with unique identifiers. 
  • Please get in touch with our team to arrange this.
  • Yes, if you realise within 14 days of joining that this training is not right for you, we can either arrange a refund or provide you with a learner credit (T&C apply).

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