Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours – What They are and Why You Need Them

Did you know that there are roughly 1.5 million health, wellness, and medical professionals within the UK that require regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours to retain their credentials?

Without regular training and knowledge updates, doctors can’t practice, nurses lose their licenses, and nutritionists can lose their ability to work with clients. And these are only a fraction of the professionals within the wider sectors who need this regular training to keep practicing.

Not to mention the knowledge necessary to stay ahead of client needs. This may sound like a lot of work to continue doing a job you’re already qualified for. However, CPD requirements are essential to the quality of care across the board.

What makes CPD hours so important?

Nutrition, health, wellness, and medical science are changing so quickly that even industry researchers sometimes have difficulty keeping up with the latest discoveries.

This means that it can be very easy to fall out of touch with the latest insights and knowledge in related fields – which translates into potential issues with client care.

Governing bodies understand this as well, and this has resulted in strict guidelines mandating that professionals in these fields (and several others) regularly partake in CPD accredited trainings and programs to stay current.

So, if you’re a practicing medical or nutrition professional and you’d like to keep your career, then CPD hours are vital.

Your clients need you to be at the top of your game, and you can’t do this with outdated knowledge (or suspended credentials).

Why do you need CPD hours?

Aside from industry requirements, CPD hours are one of the best ways to facilitate professional and personal growth.

Self-development is another form of self-care for people who are passionate about nutrition science!

Studying a steady stream of CPD accredited certifications and trainings means:

  • A broader scope of knowledge to pull from
  • Increased value – which carries over into your business and pricing
  • A way to further specialise in your chosen niche
  • New insights into the world of nutrition science (always staying on top of new discoveries)
  • Never worry about falling behind in industry requirements
  • Staying competitive in your field

CPD hours are a need for any practicing professional in the health, wellness, and nutrition industries. However, they are also a need for people who want to go further and do more with their careers. In these fields, it doesn’t pay to stop studying – ever.

Which professionals need CPD hours to maintain qualifications?

Most professionals become aware of the CPD hour requirements upon entering their fields. However, it’s important to understand the broad range of professions that require this additional focus on personal and professional development.

Some industry CPD hour requirements can include:

  • Doctors – 150-250 hours per 3-year cycle (based on specialisation)
  • Nurses – 35 hours per every 3 years or new registration period
  • Nutritionists – 25-35 hours per year
  • Midwives – 35 hours per 3-year period
  • Chiropractors – 15 hours per year and 15 additional hours spent with clients
  • Massage therapists – 10 hours per year
  • Naturopaths – 30 hours per year
  • Certified Nursing Assistants – 35 hours over 3-year registration cycle
  • Registered Personal Trainers – 10 hours per year
  • Physiotherapists – 20-30 hours per year
  • Psychologists – 40 hours per year
  • Health Coaches – 36 hours every 3 years

There are many other professions that will require additional CPD hours and learning credentials as well. Make sure to check for mandatory updates and trainings before beginning any new career in the health, wellness, or nutrition fields!

Meeting your CPD requirements has never been easier…

Trying to find reasonably priced science-based CPD courses and trainings relevant to your industry can be difficult and time consuming. Not only can you lose your credentials, you can also lose clients to more qualified professionals.

The Nutrition Business Explorer Program allows you to access a steady stream of level 5 and 6 CPD accredited certifications, meaning that you’ll never fall behind personally or professionally!

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