Nutrition Business Explorer Program™

Bringing your nutrition business concept to market through university level education.

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the clarity you need

  • Choose any Level 5-6 CPD accredited certifications –including new ones being developed right now!
  • Graduate without tens of thousands in student loan debt hanging over your head for decades
  • Start practicing as soon as you finish your first certification –and then graduate to premium clients as you add to your skill set!
  • Get cutting edge scientific research that’s years ahead of many college textbooks (courtesy of our in-house research scientists)
  • Enjoy REAL business advice and resources produced by experienced professionals
  • Start a career on YOUR terms in one of the fastest growing industries in the world!
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Certifications Benchmark

Please see how the levels of our online certifications translate to the commonly known frameworks in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Europe and worldwide.
Our advisory, custom-made certifications are developed so that our students are enabled to work with their own clients. Our certifications go above and beyond most of the qualifications you’ll find in each of the frameworks mentioned above. The comparison table above helps you compare the standard and the complexity of our certifications against those frameworks. Please note that the terminology used above doesn’t necessarily reflect the exact terminology used in specified countries referring to standards of higher learning.

Interactive Experience

Gradual Progression

Science Based

24/7 Access

Make your nutrition business and career dreams happen

  • Build a multi-service practice that gives you the power to attract and retain more clients!
  • Increase your earning potential as soon as you complete your first certification
  • Grow your practice with access to expert advice on business growth and management
  • Continue to learn with lifetime access to course materials that are always being updated to reflect the latest science
  • Gain traction in your career with certifications from a globally recognised and respected brand
  • Get the clarity you need to identify your ideal client and build a profitable business

What you get

  • You get to choose from ANY of our professional certifications!
  • You receive access to the Client Getting Bundles for the relevant certifications - templates and scripts to attract clients
  • The opportunity to earn immediately after your first completed specialisation
  • $61,650 worth of training, client tools, scripts, templates - your business in a box
  • Exclusive access to the food and recipes database for as long as you're a student
  • Gain clarity on the health and nutrition business that will work best for you in just 12 short months!

Get your nutrition business going within 12 months and earn €3500 per month! 

Change lives AND do what you love.


All of our Level 5 and 6 certifications! Become an expert in any of the following topics:

        1. Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor™
        2. Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner™
        3. Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor™
        4. Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor™
        5. Advanced Gut Restoration Nutritional Advisor™
        6. Advanced Research Techniques
        7. Advanced Sleep Management Advisor™
        8. Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor™
        9. Advanced Stress Management Advisor™
        10. Detox Specialist™
        11. Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Longevity
        12. Nutritional Therapist

Yes, that is the intention! Although we will review each new certification. For example, our Health Coach program would remain a separate.

You have 12 months, during which you can choose to become in an expert in as many different topics as you feel you need for your nutrition business or career! Full flexibility.

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to work with paying clients as soon as you have graduated from your first certification. You will find all professional considerations (including dos and don’ts) in your final module.

Please note that the there are two certifications that support clients, but aren’t advisory certifications as such:

      1. Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Longevity™certification. This is aimed at supporting clients (or family of clients) who have recently been diagnosed or who are worried about their long-term health.
      2. The Advanced Research Techniques™ certification which is to help you do research for yourself or support client queries (such as whether a claim is true, online).

​We also strongly recommend taking out insurance to practise, to safeguard you and your clients. We can provide you with guidance when it comes to that stage!

Yes, but… We’d really want you to stay within the 12-month period. This special scholarship serves as a fast-track to success, to give you the knowledge, tools and know-how to get your health or nutrition business off the ground as soon as possible. This is for those who are determined to make it happen! Extensions may be granted, but would incur an additional fee.

Yes! Our packs are amazing:

      • Printed on demand
      • In your name (on the front covers)
      • Super high quality
      • Vibrant colour
      • All lesson materials AND client templates included
      • Delivered to your doorstep via courier

Please note:

      • If you have paid your fee up-front, you may purchase up to 3 printed packs in one go.
      • If you have joined via an instalment plan, you may purchase 1 printed pack at a time.

Yes! You can benefit from 30% savings if you also join Lab Pro™. Instead of €50 per month, you’d only pay €35.

Yes! We can arrange to have your certificate printed for a small fee (€29). This will be printed from a secure facility – the same used by elite universities – and delivered at your doorstep inside a high-quality tube.

Yes! You will receive lifetime access to your materials, but only if you have graduated from them. So make sure to get the most out of your 12 months!

Yes! As long as you have completed all quizzes and Test Your Knowledge sections, you can swap certifications.

Yes! The Clinic Toolkit™ is a separate service, however, as soon as you graduate from your first certification we can arrange access for a small administrative fee (€10 per month) and you can invite your new clients in there without delay.

Yes! We have a team to help you, plus we will be checking in with you regularly. These are the checkpoints:

      • Checkpoint after month 1
      • Checkpoint after month 3
      • After your first 6 months
      • After 12 months
      • After 18 months

And we will be there throughout with you. If you qualify for this majority scholarship, we offer it because we want you to be successful! For any help, please contact us here.

Explorer Program Requirements

  • Be a self-starter with the drive and determination to finish your certifications.
  • You are asked to join our Students and Alumni Facebook group where you can seek peer support
  • You are asked to partake in up to five recorded interviews where we will be tracking your client and business progress
  • An understanding of the educational and financial commitments involved in this program
  • Students are required to give 30 days notice of program cancellation.
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