The Evolution of the Successful Nutrition Professional: Part Two, Almost Ready to Take Off!

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In our last article, we covered information relevant to someone JUST starting out in their nutrition career! It was exciting (getting started always is)…

But that was only the beginning. Just like the science of nutrition, your professional practice and intentions are always evolving.

However, far too many professionals are in the dark when it comes to building, launching, and sustaining their nutrition businesses. And even the best certifications don’t always equip you for the legalities or finer points of marketing yourself.

We get it.

And that’s why we’ve created this Evolution series, giving you a road map to success one step at a time.

Let’s start by looking at initial business development and licensing…

Nearly every successful business starts with a plan. For many entrepreneurs, writing out a detailed business plan helps them establish a management structure, create an overview of their target audience, draft a marketing plan, and create a high-level view of their professional goals.

This is an involved process, but once you start putting things on paper, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. A good traditional business plan usually includes:

  • The mission statement
  • An executive summary of the company’s purpose
  • A market analysis
  • A summary of the services and products being offered, and an overview of the different packages and price points
  • A basic overview of the company’s structure, organization, and resources needed to function
  • An initial marketing plan
  • A plan for initial funding
  • Future financial predictions and goals

Even if you don’t have all of that nailed down yet, it’s still a good idea to start putting your ideas in a form that allows you to understand your professional plans. You can also consider a lean startup plan if you aren’t ready to delve into details yet.

We’ll talk more about business plans later and provide a basic template that will give you an idea of how to get started! Don’t worry, we’re here to help…

Now that you have a plan, it’s time to get registered…

The type of business classification you’ll need, and the tax implications will depend on your location, structure, and business size. Laws can change drastically from country to country and state to state, but it’s imperative that you follow them closely to avoid legal or tax penalties.

Check with your country’s government website or visit a local chamber of commerce to learn about registration requirements.

Many nutrition professionals in the U.S. and the U.K will need to register as a sole-proprietor or sole trader. This means that you operate your business alone and are fully responsible for paying taxes and any liabilities involved.

Being an individual business owner is also the simplest option for those who are just starting out. In many states, all you’ll need to register is a valid social security number and mailing address.

However, if you plan on starting your practice with a partner or hiring employees in the near future, you’ll need to pursue a more complex business classification. For this, it may be a good idea to work with an attorney who specialises in business formation.

You’ll also need to consider protecting your brand by registering your trademark, logos, business name, and other identifying factors.

Again, check your government websites and local resources to learn more about the best option for the company you want to start…

And keep in mind, you can upgrade your business at it grows and evolves!

Next, it’s time to build the packages you’ll advertise…

The packages you offer will be determined by the type of certifications you have, and the type of advice you can legally give.

Keep in mind, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all nutrition plan…

Each client that comes to you will require a customised approach to their nutrition and deficiencies.

The better educated you are, the more capable you are of offering something they can use – and that they’ll pay for.

We advocate for a minimum of $700 (USD) per 8-week package. .

Your goal is to make a living wage while doing something that you love and helping people in the process.

Becoming a nutrition professional is really a labour of love…

Yes, it’s information that can help every one of us to improve the quality of our lives.

However, it takes a special kind of person to dedicate their professional life to improving the lives of others…

To begin creating your packages, start by pricing all of your services individually and developing a catalogue of exactly what you have to offer.

Then consider creating combinations of these services and pricing accordingly. As we pointed out earlier, different clients with different goals will require individualised plans. Always keep this in mind when creating your packages.

The more specialised your offerings become, the more you’ll be able to earn!

Marketing and advertising are also going to be critical to your success, and we offer plenty of resources that can help you achieve the premium clients you deserve.

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Marketing to attract premium clients…

When we talk about premium clients, we’re talking about the type of clients that pay you a living wage – and then some. They pay for value, and this is what you’ll need to offer.

Real value comes in the form of professional versatility. As a nutrition therapist with one certification, there’s a good chance that you’ll have limits on the type of clients you can book.

Once you’ve created an ideal customer persona, it’s time to reach out and start making lucrative connections…

Marketing is a necessity to reach the types of clients you want. It’s essential that you know where to reach them, what platform works best for this, and what services they’ll be willing to purchase.

We’ve developed custom Client Getting Bundles that offer everything from email templates to tips for attracting and reaching the clients you want.

From there, it’s up to you to present your services in a way that conveys value and professionalism.

Evolving from a nutrition professional into a nutrition entrepreneur means maximising your greatest resource – YOU!

Your capabilities are only limited by your imagination and your drive to learn new things.

Receiving a science backed education isn’t just a means to augment your current professional position (although it can do that too), it means that you have the skill set to open your own practice.

Having your own business gives you the freedom to set the price, and having the right education gives you the justification and credibility to charge a premium.

Premium clients need an entire suite of nutrition advise and services. The first step to booking these types of clients is making sure that you have something to offer that they’ll want.

The next step is learning how to find these clients, where they look for nutrition professionals, and how to turn a warm lead into a lifelong professional relationship.

Now that you’re registered and understand how to market yourself, it’s time to launch…

Right after you graduate or extend your education, it can be tempting to start planning your career path as a nutrition professional.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get pulled into a cycle of over-planning that can delay the launch of your business. This delay can mean getting further and further from your dreams.

While planning is definitely an essential part of success, it also needs to be actionable.

There’s no reason that you can’t start booking clients within the first 30-days after you graduate…

After all, there’s no way to evolve as a nutrition professional if you aren’t using the certifications that you’ve worked so hard to get!

And it all starts with enrolling in the right combination of certifications to support your personal and professional ambitions.

Want to learn more?

Our variety of certifications and continuing education programs is unparalleled in the nutrition education industry!

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