The Evolution of the Successful Nutrition Professional: Part One, Fueling up!

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Becoming a successful nutrition professional isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a personal, professional, and educational process that involves serious commitment and a genuine passion for health.

In other words, it’s an Evolution!

You begin with curiosity and the drive to explore your passion for nutrition…

Maybe you find yourself scouring the internet for the best programs and certifications available, and one click leads to another – and soon you’re downloading curriculum and considering new career options.

Or maybe you’re already in a nutrition related field, and you know that it’s time to take the next step in your professional evolution.

No matter what position you start from, it’s what you do next that really counts!

Wanting to start isn’t enough…

You’ll have to understand what skills you’ll need, how to implement them, the basics behind the business and how to scale once you’ve achieved a certain level of success.

Don’t worry! It’s not as intimidating as it sounds…

We’ve broken the process into a four-article series that takes you from your initial learning journey to a fully scalable business.

We wanted to shed some light on the blind spots that cause so many people to stop short of accomplishing their goals…

And it all starts with learning the science!

Many of us have seen those super appealing ads that promise to make you a “nutrition professional” for one low price and a few generic courses…

You’ve probably guessed it – but many of those classes are just thinly veiled certification mills…

They promise you the moon, and deliver a rock.

And we know that you won’t be able to help the client with anything unless you truly understand the science behind the certification.

Getting a professionally recognised nutrition education is the first step in building a complete career.

This certification adds credibility and means that you’ve learned enough to back up your good intentions with actionable information…

But the real magic happens when the right person gets the right education and applies it in the right way!

We all dream of spending our lives doing something that we’re genuinely passionate about…

Well that’s possible for those who see an opportunity and use every available resource to make the most of it!

There’s nothing better than waking up every day excited about life and driven to do something you love…

…Except getting paid for it!

Learning how to apply the latest in scientific research to your professional career in nutrition gives you an edge and allows you to provide your clients with real value and substance.

Once you’ve gotten the certification(s), it’s time to learn how to use them.

The science of nutrition is incredibly complex and is constantly being updated based on new research. It’s important that you be armed with the most up-to-date information available when advising any type of clients.

Applying what you’ve learned in a practical way…

The key is knowing how to pivot between your own understanding of the material and the information that’s essential to your client’s success.

Applying your nutrition certifications outside of the classroom means knowing your target audience – and how to communicate with them.

This starts by developing an understanding of which skills will provide the most benefit to your ideal client base.

First, you assess their needs…

Doing this lets you know if you’re prepared to help them in the first place! If you’ve only completed one certification (and there’s nothing wrong with that), then you may be limited in the types of advice you can provide.

Once you’ve established your scope of practice, you can start planning and implementing what you know to better assist your clients.

This is where it gets really exciting!

You’ll be able to see your ideas in action! This is really the missing link that so many nutrition professionals struggle with…

You can have a wealth of valuable information at your fingertips, but if you can’t present it to your clients in an actionable way, then it’s not doing anyone any good.

An unplugged machine still has all of the components necessary to function but won’t work without some power behind it!

Think about that when considering, receiving, and using your professional certifications!

Commit to setting up your own nutrition practice…

If you’re already at this step – Congratulations! We’re proud of you!

If not, we’re still proud of you for considering the next step in a lifelong fulfilling career in nutrition.

A new graduate often has all of the drive and desire to succeed – but they lack the knowledge necessary to get their nutrition business up and running.

Not every person wants to work hard, graduate, and then go on to work for someone else.

Now, we’re not saying that becoming a nutrition entrepreneur is for everyone, but if you want the freedom to work on your terms- then it may be something you’re considering.

You don’t have to do it alone…

We wanted to develop a unique program that offered you the opportunity to extend your education beyond the certification.

Just having a professional nutrition certification isn’t always enough without the knowledge to implement it in the real world…

You’ll need business insight and the know-how to combine this with your passion for nutrition. But don’t worry if you’re still new to business planning – we’ll cover this in detail in our next article.

The possibilities are endless, and so is your potential for success!

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