Calling All Nutrition Professionals: Ready for Business Growth?

“We’ve created this program to make real science accessible for everybody and to create a new set of nutrition leaders, not just in the UK, but worldwide.”

The premise of every successful business lies in the principles of supply and demand. And the same holds true for The Health Sciences Academy.

We recognised the global impact that COVID-19 was having on the nutrition industry and the people who depend on their health, wellness, and nutrition businesses to provide for them.

Personal trainers, nutritional advisors, dieticians, and other professionals were forced to adapt to changes at the speed of the pandemic, causing many to jump into unfamiliar waters.

Not only is this resulting in a deficit of clients, but it’s also causing a shortage of vital services.

And The Health Sciences Academy made the choice to adapt our offerings to fit your needs.

Thus, the Nutrition Business Explorer Program was born!

CEO, Maurice Castelijn sat down with me and revealed the thought process that went into one of the most innovative programs in nutrition science – and the motivation behind its inception.

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Let’s talk about the 3 “Ps” and the current state of the nutrition certification industry.

The Health Sciences Academy subscribes to the 3 Ps:

  • Personalisation
  • Protection from harm
  • Practical science

One of our core values is personlisation. At The Health Sciences Academy, we believe that if advice isn’t personalized to your clients – it won’t work!

In fact, bad advice can cause harm – which directly conflicts with our goals as nutrition educators and professionals.

In Maurice’s words:

“We want to take this knowledge and we want to make it mainstream, because there’s so much information out there which can hurt clients, and which can hurt people.

All of these different fads and so on, you know, if you do not personalise your advice, it can hurt people. It can really be dangerous. It’s just a waste of time and not effective.

If you then look at it from science, you’ll see things from an evidence-based perspective. Real science is driven by real facts and information and interaction in so many different ways.”

The nutrition industry at large has blown up with the internet, causing so many professionals to seek out certifications from less than reputable sources.

This is why the Nutrition Business Explorer Program has become such an important part of what The Health Sciences Academy has to offer.

Not only are we giving professionals access to real nutrition science, but we’re also doing it in a way they can afford – allowing them to grow their businesses to overcome an uncertain economic climate.

What sets the Nutrition Business Explorer Program apart?

“Other certifications out there are really more like cookie cutter type programs. They stick to a certain sort of program and they put in filler subjects in to meet unrelated requirements. What we do is we compress all of that information into one incredibly powerful certification.

That’s all the information you need to go out there and make a difference to your client, and to grow your business and to call yourself an expert, you become an expert specifically in your field of interest.”

In addition to the scientific foundation for all of our materials, The Health Sciences Academy has also created the Explorer Program for practical use!

“You’re out practicing, and this is what makes you the expert. You have this knowledge that you can immediately put into action with real clients. So that is something that you just do not get anywhere else. That’s why we call it practical science. Because if science is not applied, then it just sits there gathering dust and not doing anyone any good!”

What’s included in the Nutrition Business Explorer Program?

“We’ve been adding so much, it’s hard to keep count. But as of right now, we have 12 level 5 and 6 certifications; around 500 templates, calculators, tools, and client materials; client getting bundles; and community support.

This is a monthly subscription that both fills your continuing professional development requirements and your need to keep learning new science to support your clients.

It’s really REALLY incredible. I feel super proud that we’ve adhered to the strict process we’ve created. It takes years to create every certification the way that we do it. The reason why we’re able to roll out so many new certifications so frequently speaks to the depth (and ongoing nature) of our pipeline and the dedication of our researchers!

Other companies that are putting programs out with a month’s notice are definitely not providing the same quality or science-based, actionable information. They don’t really think about you working with your clients. They think about how they can best sell this to make the most money off of you. That’s just not us.

Our motivation is value driven with our students and their clients in mind. We genuinely want to make the world a better place through science. That’s what we’re excited about and that’s what drives us.”

Ready to start exploring?

Whether you already know what you’d like to study, or you want to explore the specialisations available – the Nutrition Business Explorer Program has something for you!

It’s all about creating a personalised journey that provides you the best certifications science has to offer.

And during our Black Friday event, you can access the program at an even lower price.

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