Detox Myths and Fads: Can You Tell Fact from Fiction?

In a healthy body, the skin, liver, kidneys, and even lungs can work to eliminate dangerous toxins and to fulfil the body’s detoxifying needs. But there are ways to lessen exposure and to help support these natural processes.

Knowing how the body’s natural detoxification process works and how you can best support this is important for you and your clients.

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Detox – the basics…

Detoxification and toxicology are two long-established fields of scientific research.

These are different from the made-up fallacies circulating the media these days, which in many cases can put someone’s health at risk.

This means that when we mention the term “detox diet”, we’re referring to a personalised short-term dietary approach with the intention to:

  • help reduce certain exposure risks from the diet
  • to include foods rich in specific compounds that are shown to epigenetically or physiologically upregulate the body’s natural detoxification processes

When the body is detoxifying efficiently, the immediate effect is that people feel better. The body is able to perform at an optimal level that properly supports everyday activities.

And efficient detoxification also has the potential to extend our healthy life, so understanding how detoxification works is an essential step towards improving overall health.

Knowing how to assist clients in aiding their body’s detox process is a win for your business and a win for health in general!

Detox and toxicology fads can be harmful.

On the flipside, fads that promise unrealistic benefits through the detoxification process can be as harmful as good detox is helpful.

Most diets and supplements that promote themselves as having instant results or as a replacement for a natural process are scams. And many have never been properly vetted by a doctor or medical professional of any kind.

The companies may use scientific lingo or even biased studies to push these products, but if you do your due diligence you can save your health and your money.

Science is the only reliable source of information when it comes to detoxification or toxicology, and this field is one that’s evolving at an incredibly rapid rate! What’s considered good advice today may not be considered good advice tomorrow.

This is a testimony to staying current on your studies as a nutrition professional.

Supplements, pills, onions on feet – where do I start!?

Believe it or not, there is no way to avoid every toxin in the natural world! There are manmade and naturally occurring toxins, and out bodies are uniquely equipped to deal with most of them.

Man-made chemicals are synthetic compounds artificially produced by man. Governments at all levels assure us that they are monitoring these developments and keeping us safe from toxic influences or elevated levels of exposure.

But the development of this industry has expanded much more rapidly than the resources available to monitor it. As a result, today more than 80,000 man-made chemicals are released into the environment each year.

However, fewer than 5,000 of them have been tested to determine their toxic effects on humans.

Toxic gases travel even easier and end up settling on water sources and open land (if they don’t invade our lungs first). As you can see, manmade toxins present a unique obstacle for people everywhere.

With all of these chemicals and toxins being introduced into our lives, it can be nearly impossible to differentiate fact from fiction.

For example, some people operate under the impression that all natural chemicals are safe. This couldn’t be falser!

Or they believe that supplements, unspecified exercises, diets, or bizarre health rituals with hasten the detox process.

All of these theories are sources of confusion for potential clients. Which is why it’s essential that you have the knowledge to combat the fads and to help others achieve their health goals.

Detox is important for your nutrition clients.

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