GMO Expert Report: An Objective Scientific Investigation

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The controversial topic of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is one which has divided the globe.

Some argue that GM crops hold the answer to world hunger, while others insist they are an abomination of nature, and a serious threat to public health and the environment.

With all of the loud voices shouting for and against GM foods, it can be very challenging for us to even understand exactly what GMOs are, let alone whether they present an emerging threat or a developing opportunity.

So, which is it?

Does consuming GM foods pose a genuine health risk? Or are there actually potential public health benefits to GMO production?

Could it be both? And, can you believe everything you read, either pro or against GMOs?

In this one-of-a-kind expert report, we investigate the latest research to offer you a neutral review of both sides of the GMO argument, so that you can learn the science of genetic engineering, digest the facts behind the fears, and decide for yourself.

You will not find anything like our examination freely on the internet. We go to the core of the scientific literature, leaving no stone unturned.

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Also contains links to extra reading materials, PDFs, videos, and scientific references.

Topics covered in this report:

  1. A controversial environment
  2. Separating wheat from chaff
  3. What does GMO mean?
  4. Frankenfoods
  5. Genetic engineering methods
  6. Illustration: DNA transfer techniques
  7. Preparing genes before insertion
  8. Building an insertion package
  9. Keeping the promoter under control
  10. Figure: Assembling a DNA segment
  11. Activating inactive genes
  12. Toxic plants
  13. Increased risk?
  14. Unintended consequences
  15. Table: Comparing manipulation methods
  16. Gene guns
  17. Figure: Illustration of a gene gun design
  18. Horizontal transfer between species
  19. Agrobacterium tumefaciens
  20. T-DNA as a natural occurrence
  21. Why create new traits?
  22. Bacillus thuringiensis
  23. Figure: Cotton yields and GMO
  24. Is there a risk to humans?
  25. GM transfer into human blood
  26. GM food production in Europe
  27. GM food production worldwide
  28. Table: GM foods on the market (by country)
  29. What do consumers think?
  30. Survey: Consumer beliefs about GM foods
  31. Are you eating GM foods?
  32. The effect of processing
  33. Graph: Degradation of GM DNA
  34. Risks of toxins and allergens
  35. Health benefits no-one talks about
  36. Enriched corn kernels
  37. GMOs to improve nutrition?
  38. Super bananas
  39. Can it actually work?
  40. Purple tomatoes
  41. Industrial-scale flavonols in 1 tomato
  42. Table: GM innovations for public health
  43. Modification, or education?
  44. The rise of the super-weed
  45. Environmental balance
  46. Palmer amaranth
  47. Spreading resistance
  48. Evolving weeds
  49. Figure: Pesticide overuse
  50. Both sides of the story
  51. Where does the fear come from?
  52. GM corn causes tumours
  53. I smell a rat
  54. When science is not science
  55. A tale of two piggies
  56. Lifting the veil
  57. Table: Non-GM fed vs GM fed pigs
  58. An objective look at the raw data
  59. Random variation is not causation
  60. We don’t have all the answers
  61. 29 years of data
  62. The final word?
  63. Key takeaways
  64. Learn more
  65. References and resources

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Also contains links to extra reading materials, PDFs, videos, and scientific references.

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