5 Questions Your Vegan Client Is Likely to Ask

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Do you have a vegan client or would you LOVE to work with vegan clients?

Helping a nutrition client who is vegan (or who is going vegan) in a way that is safe and effective can be quite challenging…

Yet it’s important to get prepared because there’s a higher demand for this kind of nutritional support from health professionals like you!

The number of individuals who are vegan or plant-based is increasing every day…

According to a 2018 poll by Compare the Market, 7% of individuals polled in the UK identified as vegan and 14% as vegetarian.

And research by the Vegan Society found that in 2016 there were 3.5 times more vegans compared with just 10 years earlier.

Which means that there also may be an increase in the number of vegans, vegetarians, or those on a plant-based diet coming to YOU for assistance.

So…do you have the tools to assist them?

Here are 5 subjects every nutritional professional helping vegan clients should learn about.

From what constitutes a plant-based diet, to which nutrients might vegans be at risk of missing, to whether frozen vegetables are less nutritious or not…

Let’s dive in!

1. Is a plant-based diet always vegan?

We see plant-based studies in the news quite often. But what’s a “plant-based diet” anyway? The definition of a plant-based diet is highly debated these days… Some say it’s a vegan diet. Others include vegetarian eating. So, which is it? Keep reading here…

2. Which nutrients might a vegan diet be missing, and how to solve that?

Is it unsafe to stop eating all animal-derived foods? When we go vegan, there are 12 nutrients that we might not be getting enough of… So it’s important to find out what these are, learn why we need them, and which vegan foods contain them. This way, we can ensure your client doesn’t develop a deficiency that could hurt them… There’s always room for helping them to become an even “better” vegan! Find all the answers here…

3. Which are more nutritious: fresh or frozen vegetables?

Have you ever wondered how freezing affects the nutrients in vegetables, or if fresh is always best? And when it comes to frozen vegetables, how “fresh” are they? We have been investigating the science of fresh vs frozen vegetables, and put them head to head in a comprehensive Continuing Education training for you: take this training here…

4. Can we survive on raw food alone?

Raw foodism has been gaining a lot of popularity among vegans. But can we survive on raw food alone? Or has our evolutionary past turned cooking into a biological necessity? Could the advent of cooking may have modified our digestive system? Let’s dive into the archeological record and human biology to find out: Keep learning here…

5. GMO foods: are they safe to eat or not?

The controversial topic of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is one which has divided the globe. Some argue that GM crops hold the answer to world hunger, while others insist they are an abomination of nature, and a serious threat to public health and the environment. With all of the loud voices shouting for and against GM foods, it can be very challenging for us to even understand exactly what GMOs are, let alone whether they present an emerging threat or a developing opportunity. So, which is it? Does consuming GM foods pose a genuine health risk? Or are there actually potential public health benefits to GMO production? Could it be both? And, can you believe everything you read, either pro or against GMOs? We provide you with an extensive scientific investigation in this Continuing Education training here so you can confidently provide your client with the answers they need…

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