4 Effective Steps to Help Break the Sugar Habit

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That’s 238 teaspoons of sugar a week, which is equivalent to about 34 teaspoons a day.

Soft drinks, biscuits, cakes, and cereals are the obvious foods with high sugar content. However, there are those sneaky sugars that show up in yogurt, ketchup, cured ham, and mayonnaise. Even some so called “healthy” foods have an insane amount of sugar.

Sugar is so popular it goes by about 65 different names. Did you know that?

Sugar is everywhere.

It’s addictive, it’s harder to resist than hard drugs, and it will corrupt your entire body driving your life energy right into the ground.

So how do you break the sugar habit once and for all and banish your cravings that seemingly drive you mad?

That’s what you’re about to learn. Here are four effective steps that will help you stop the sugar cravings and do it before they even kick in.

1. Don’t buy it and don’t keep it in the house

If it’s not around you, you can’t eat it.

Would you agree?

Remember, if you’re the one doing the shopping, you can make a choice to leave with a healthy trolley.

This is part of the concept around environmental priming. If the sugar sources are not in the house, you will be less influenced to continue your habit. In other words, you will disconnect the stimulus that triggers your habit.

Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Increase your intake of superfoods

Food cravings are often a sign of nutrient deficiencies, which leaves your brain ‘hungry’.

Think of superfoods as integrating a healthy, diverse diet of whole foods. They contain soluble fibre, essential nutrients and health-boosting  phytochemicals, antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Superfoods range from berries to fish, greens, avocados, beans and even raw chocolate!

3. Supplement with chromium and glutamine

Here’s an interesting piece.

They give glutamine to alcoholics in rehab centres. The brain feeds from either glutamine or glucose. If you give it glutamine, it actually shuts down the craving response. This amino acid has been found to help reduce, and even eliminate, sugar and starch cravings within minutes.

Chromium is another blood sugar stabiliser. It has been shown to reduce sugar cravings.

In order to control the appetite and especially reduce sugar cravings, chromium supplementation does its work by sensitising the place in the brain that monitors blood sugar availability. That’s the place tells the body when it’s hungry or not hungry.

Because it’s different for each individual, in our Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor course we teach how to calculate precise doses, and when or how to take each supplement for better absorption.

CAUTION: Whereas chromium may be safe for most people, it might lower blood sugar levels excessively if taken along with diabetes medications or other supplements or herbal teas, like dandelion tea, or when taken in the fasted state or without food. Individuals with diabetes need to use chromium products cautiously and monitor blood glucose levels closely. Always speak with your medical doctor and follow their advice. Supplements taken in isolation, or in the wrong doses, or wrong combinations with other supplements or medicines, can do more harm than good. One of the aims of our Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor course is to mitigate such risks.

4. Reduce your stress and sleep more

Stress, exhaustion and sleep deprivation ignite irrational cravings in the brain. This makes us want to reach out for those highly palatable, sugary foods.

You are more likely to react badly to life’s stressors if your blood sugar levels fluctuate.

Think about that. If you are stressed out and, on top of that, get a ‘sugar high’ from that cake (which is always followed by a ‘sugar low’), how likely do you think you are to deal with your situation rationally?

With regard to making sure you get proper sleep, self control and the best of intentions are quickly forgotten in sleep deprived people.

Researchers at UC Berkeley found that after being deprived of sleep, participants displayed greater craving for high-calorie junk food. The more sleep-deprived they were, the greater the cravings.

The bottom line

What does all this mean for you, your sugar cravings and getting them banished once and for all?

Many of the aforementioned go hand in hand.

One of the simplest ways to banish sugary foods in your house is to not buy them. That means whilst you are at the supermarket be conscious of the choices you make. Avoid rushing through the task of shopping for foods. Remember, you have control of what you toss in your trolley. Click here for useful supermarket tips.

Choose whole foods. You can shift the basic balance of your body chemistry by eating superfoods loaded with essential nutrients that you could be hugely deficient in.

Supplementing with both chromium and glutamine work on stabilising your blood sugar and helping to eliminate your cravings.

Keep in mind that a well functioning body does best with less stress and optimal sleep. You can make clearer decisions, choose nutritional foods, and avoid the sugar trap when you’re operating in a body that is clean, clear and rested.

Don’t let sugar run your life nor ruin your health. You can break the sugar habit beginning right now.

So, what’s the first thing you’re going to do? Let us know in the comment section! If you’ve had success in kicking the sugar habit share the idea that worked for you.

We can all use help from each other, so please pass this along to someone who could use some rescuing!

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