Our new scholarship winner announced!

For the past weeks, we’ve been going through hundreds of scholarship entries. Each story is so unique, it’s been incredibly hard to make a decision. We’re so proud of our community of students and graduates. Your passion and your commitment to go for what you stand up for continue to inspire us.

And today, we are delighted to announce our new winner….

Robert Gillan, who recently graduated as a Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor and will be joining our Clinical Weight Loss Certification, shares his story:

Been involved in football coaching at youth level for a number of years. I was very aware of the lack of knowledge of Sports Nutrition out there at grassroots level.

I have a passion of football and took on a massive task to build my own Academy at a grassroots level, Glenbuck Football Academy is still in its infancy and I have build the foundations.

Very high on my agenda list was Sports Nutrition, to get our kids and parents more educated.

After scouting the web I came across The Health Sciences Academy. I enrolled for the Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor certification and from the start I found the layout and the navigation of the site was excellent and of course the in depth knowledge of the content was amazing. There were times in the course I found so difficult, but the support from the team is second to none with there help and encouragement got me back on track.

Enjoyed every minute. Very happy that I can call myself a Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor.

I would recommend The Health Sciences Academy to all fellow coaches out there, to get our young kids to eat more healthy.

Watch Robert’s documentary and learn how he is breeding a new generation of aspiring professional footballers:

— Thanks so much, Robert. We’re so proud of you and the incredibly inspiring work that you’re doing!

If you live near South Lanark and East Ayrshire in Scotland, visit the Glenbuck Football Academy and join Robert in his quest to keep grassroots football alive and to make football coaching a reality for all youngsters in the area!

Could you be the next winner?

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Go for it, and good luck!!


(on behalf of The Health Sciences Academy team)

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  • Alex

    Reply Reply April 26, 2014

    Robert — What you’re doing is incredible. As you say in your video, it keeps the kids out of trouble :-)

    Hope loads of people join your project, best of luck!

  • Robert

    Reply Reply April 26, 2014

    Thanks very much Alex, very proud of my achievement,

    Just back from a session today, and the youngsters are fantastic, very good numbers, over 50 kids.

    Yes now i can introduce heathy eating classes for kids and the parents.

    The health sciences academy had made this possibly for me with a great course, and great tutors to help me.

    Would urge all football coaches at grassroots level to enroll ,coaches at grassroots take on tremondious roles to help our kids and to aspire them to be footballers of the next genaration.

    I choose personal development to give my academy the best and made a great choice .


    • admin

      Reply Reply April 27, 2014

      50 youngters, what a great event Robert!


    • Alex

      Reply Reply April 27, 2014


  • David McCallum

    Reply Reply April 27, 2014

    Congratulations Robert! :)
    All this work you have been doing over the years is beginning to pay off. The kids in the area have a great footballing future to look forward to.
    Well done!

    • admin

      Reply Reply April 27, 2014

      Robert is an inspiration, his charity is one of a kind!

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