CYQ is now YMCA Awards

CYQ has recently announced that its name has changed to YMCA Awards.

This change should be seen as a positive step for you. The YMCA brand is strong and globally recognised.

You may have a number of questions, so we’ve prepared a series of Q&A’s for you (see below). Mainly to reassure you that this won’t affect you much.

If you still have any questions whatsoever after having read this, please let us know here.

Will my training still be valid?

Yes. Any CYQ endorsement for courses at The Health Sciences Academy are simply carried over to YMCA Awards. You can confirm this yourself here. The following training has previously been endorsed by CYQ and will continue to be endorsed under YMCA Awards:

Will the Enhanced Certificate (the one that came with my optional Professional Add-on Module) still be valid?

Absolutely. Your CYQ Certificate is still valid and will never expire. However, here’s something you might like: even though there is no need for us to update your certificate retrospectively, we have invested in new technology to do so.

As a result, if you’d like your Enhanced Certificate with the new YMCA Awards brand, simply log back into your account here and go to “My Certificates and Results” or click on the “Completed Courses” tab (click here if you’re not sure where).

All future Enhanced Certificates will come with the new YMCA Awards logo.

Do I have to notify anyone? Like my employer? Or clients?

Not at all. If they ask why you’ve got a new shiny certificate hanging in your practice, or why you refer to YMCA (formally, YMCA Awards) if you talk about who endorsed your course, then you can explain. Other than that, there’s no reason to formally notify your employer or clients.

Will this affect my SkillsActive-endorsed certificate?

No, it won’t. Whilst it’s true that SkillsActive is the government body officially recognised as the UK’s Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being, CYQ (and now YMCA Awards) are not intrinsically linked. Any REPs CPD points you have already claimed via your optional SkillsActive-endorsed certificate with us will remain untouched.

Will this affect my Academic Transcript?

Nothing changes there too! This is a transcript specifically provided by us when you need it, for the purposes of showing to external parties the breakdown of your course and the credit hours you’ve earned as part of your certification. CYQ has never been part of that, and YMCA Awards won’t be involved there either.

Other questions?

If you have any further questions, including any that may affect fellow students or graduates, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll be happy to explain and/or update this page with additional questions (if necessary). Click here to contact us.

Student news: “CYQ is now YMCA Awards”

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