Join us at Food Matters Live 2015!

by Alejandra "Alex" Ruani — Get free science updates here.

The Health Sciences Academy are presenting at Food Matters Live on 18 and 19 November 2015. Come and see us! It’s free for you to attend.

For information and to register, click here.


The-Health-Sciences-Academy-Alejandra-Ruani-small1-right Alejandra "Alex" Ruani leads the research division at The Health Sciences Academy, where she and her team make sense of complex scientific literature and translate it into easy-to-understand practical concepts for their students. She is a Harvard-trained scientist and UCL doctoral researcher who specialises in cravings and appetite neurobiology, nutrition biochemistry, and nutrigenomics. Besides investigating and teaching the latest advances in health and nutrition science, Alex makes it easier to be smarter with her free Science Catch-ups.

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