5 Tips that Help You Successfully Pitch Your Sleep Services to Corporate Clients

Large corporations provide a unique opportunity for nutrition professionals who specialise in sleep services.

Many corporate professionals working in these high-pressure environments deal with increased levels of stress and poor rest as a by-product of their busy lives.

Fortunately, when you complete your Advanced Sleep Management Advisor certification, you’re in a unique position to help.
It’s simply a matter of learning how to pitch to these corporate clients in a way that communicates the benefits of your services on a larger scale.

Keep reading to learn how…

1. Establish a professional presence.

When approaching a corporate client, it’s important that you reflect the level of professionalism that they’re used to.

Build a solid brand with professionally created materials and content that factually reflects your offer. Develop a process and a presentation that’s tailored to their needs and that connects with their priorities.

It’s a good idea to lock down your company name, logo, and brand image before approaching corporate clients. Establishing a presence online or with others in the health and wellness community will bolster your credibility.

2. Do your homework.

Never walk into a corporate pitch cold!

Take the time to understand your target audience. This starts with a general audience profile and evolves into a deep dive into the company you’re focusing on with your pitch.

List their pain points (e.g., high rate of absenteeism, high turnover resulting in new onboarding costs, retention, etc.) and make sure to communicate how you plan to address these through your services.

Be the solution and show them how investing in your services will save them time, money, and improve employee performance.

Check out their website, build a relationship with the decision makers via LinkedIn, and follow the company social media profiles to better understand their industry, the structure of the company, and what you can do to help them.

3. Build trust and collect social proof.

A great pitch never happens with just one conversation. You need to reach out and begin building a rapport with members of the company before suggesting they use your services.

Not only is this essential market research, it also forms a trust that can set you up for that pitch opportunity. Even the greatest presentation won’t do you any good if you never get it in front of the corporate decision makers.

One way to strengthen this trust is to gather social proof from previous clients. Make sure to capture testimonials and referrals when possible! When one corporation sees that you’ve been successful with other similar clients, they’re more likely to take your offer of sleep management services seriously.

However, make sure that all of the accomplishments you’re using to prove your effectiveness relate to the needs of the client you’re pitching to. The more relevant the social proof is to their corporation, the more likely they are to see the value in it.

4. Create persuasive content.

One tool that generally yields excellent results is a well-prepared white paper.

A white paper is a formally structured report that can be print or digital (whatever is most accessible for your audience) that uses documented facts and statistics to demonstrate the need for your service.

Creating this type of content around the specific company you’re targeting with your services can address many of their pain points immediately and starts selling them using irrefutable evidence.

In addition to personalised content, continue to grow your presence online or in print using content that is highly focused on your niche market.

Case studies can also play into the need for social proof and provide another persuasive type of content that showcases your ability to get results.

5. Make sure you’re qualified to offer services at the corporate level.

Even small corporations will require you to be certified in the services you offer. When offering sleep management services, it’s important to complete an accredited program before pitching to any clients.

Fortunately, The Health Sciences Academy offers our level 5 CPD accredited Advanced Sleep Management Advisor certification as a specialisation included in the Nutrition Business Explorer Program.

Click here to get started and you’ll be pitching to corporate clients in no time!

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