How to Plan Your Nutrition Career Strategically

Are you looking to make a transition into nutrition, or do you feel like your nutrition career is currently stalled and needs a push?

We are making that easy for you at The Health Sciences Academy!

Gain the clarity you need about your nutrition career and discover your next steps for success as you complete each component of your Academic Tour with The Health Sciences Academy. Read on to find out how to plan for your professional success.

Where should you get started?

The key to making great decisions regarding your nutrition career is to be aware of all your choices and the potential outcomes of those choices. These include professional opportunities that would be available to you once you make that choice and the commitments that would be required of you including the required credentials, obtaining insurance to practice, earning regular CPD hours to continuously grow your knowledge, taking the time to learn the type of support clients need from you, and so on.

What if you had one single place where you could explore all of your career options and walk away with a clear plan of your next professional steps?

This is exactly what the Academic Tour brought to you by The Health Sciences Academy is offering you today!

If you would love to take part of a professionally guided experience that helps you plan your future in the nutrition and health space, then you’re invited discover the opportunities that await you through our brand-new Academic Tour.

Why should nutrition leaders of the future get clarity on their path to success?

We understand how confusing it can seem when you are about to dive into a career in nutrition that can feel challenging but incredibly satisfying. So, we want to make it easy for those who want to make this transition or even grow as nutrition professionals.

So, are you ready to discover all that awaits you inside the Academic Tour?

Let’s get started!

How to make the most out of your Academic Tour

As you immerse yourself in the Academic Tour, you’ll discover a 360° showcase of what The Health Sciences Academy has to offer which would help you make an informed decision about your career path.

This engaging tour brings all the important resources you need for your career planning in one single experience – including a Career Strategy Assessment with results and recommendations, certification summaries of our 14 advanced specialisations, demo modules from each certification, curricula, career opportunities, a complimentary Nutrition Career Review, CPD certified webinars, free courses, and lots more – so you can get the clarity you need to shape your future as a nutrition leader.

Planning your nutrition career strategically

So, to plan your nutrition career strategically, we created an experience that involves taking the following 6 steps:

STEP 1. Discover your future path to success by completing your Career Strategy Assessment, including results and personalised recommendations for you.

STEP 2. Test your current knowledge levels of nutrition science by taking a scored test: How much do you really know about nutrition?

STEP 3. Explore your favourite topics to find your preferred niche: Where are the best opportunities in the nutrition industry for you?

STEP 4. Find out if behavioural coaching is for you or not: How do you know if coaching clients is really for you?

STEP 5. Enhance your ongoing professional education: What type of knowledge is needed to pursue your path?

STEP 6. Gain clarity about your next professional move: Hear from others who may inspire your own journey.


Read on as we go over each of these steps in detail and help you get closer to your dream career!

1. Discover your future path by completing your Career Strategy Assessment

To map out your future in nutrition requires clarity. And to gain this clarity, you must first discover what you’re passionate about and see all the professional options that are available to you. Completing a Career Strategy Assessment is a great way to achieve this. It helps you:

  • Realise your interests and identify the skills to develop
  • Determine possible career paths based on your interests and needed skills
  • Discover next steps in a new direction or help you reaffirm that you are on the right track career-wise

The good news? You can gain that clarity TODAY!

→ Go here now to start your Career Strategy Assessment.

2. Test your current knowledge levels of nutrition science

How much do you really know about nutrition?

Research shows that the internet creates an inflated perception of self-knowledge – it just makes us feel that we have all the answers we need, a click away. But when tested, that knowledge does very little to help us give accurate answers that are not riddled with misinformation and biases.

The optimal path to gain evidence-based education is through objective learning and a critical appraisal of the available scientific research. So, where are you at with this knowledge?

Take the Nutrition Knowledge Quiz and find out where your current knowledge fits and your areas for improvement!

→ Take the Nutrition Knowledge Quiz here.

3. Explore your favourite topics to find your preferred niche

Who are your ideal clients and customers? Where are the best opportunities in the nutrition industry, and how do you think you fit in? Where do you see yourself excelling? (If you have taken the Career Strategy Assessment, you should know how to answer these questions).

Give it a thought and then dive into the Academic Tour and navigate the first lessons of all 14 professional certifications at THSA (It is free to explore the first few modules of our certifications so you can get a feel of what to expect).

→ Start exploring your choice of certifications now.

4. Navigate the fundamentals of health coaching

How do you know if coaching clients is for you? And how do you determine how coachable each client is? Discover the guiding principles of health coaching and find out if becoming ICF accredited is for you.

→ You can start now by taking our free course on the Fundamentals of Health Coaching!

After you complete that free course, you can see for yourself whether coaching is for you – or not. If coaching clients feels right, you’ll have the opportunity to later on apply for our ICF Accredited Professional Health Coaching Program – a coaching program for students who are prepared to pursue an advanced health coaching education that will allow them to work and perform at a much higher standard than most.

And if you want to make a difference and become part of the GOLD standard of health coaches, you can join the waiting list for the ICF Accredited Professional Health Coaching Program here.

5. Enhance your ongoing professional education

Explore over 60 short courses in the THSA Lab! Our scientists at The Health Sciences Academy curated the content in the Lab, making it the world’s largest hub of nutrition science courses.

If you want to dive into the latest science on a specialist subject or support the knowledge you gained by completing any of our certifications, then you must take one of our short trainings.

Complete your chosen short training, gain your CPD hours, and show off your new knowledge to the world!

→ Start exploring 60+ short trainings in the THSA Lab here.

6. Gain clarity about your next professional move

You can gain even more insights and guidance as you go through your Academic Tour by exploring webinar recordings, completing demo certification modules, discovering the many professional opportunities that would be available to you, reviewing success maps, taking CPD certified webinars on your favourite subjects, and reading graduate reviews for our 14 certifications.

This will ensure you are armed with the correct information to truly understand your options and show you how to get started with taking the proper steps towards career fulfilment.

Your next steps?

It’s simple, get started with the Academic Tour today and follow the steps above to launch or grow your nutrition career right away!

Also, when you complete the Tour, you can get an optional CPD Certificate for 5 CPD hours! That’s right. This is a convenient way to earn your CPD hours which you can add to your CV and LinkedIn profile. And if you’re new to the concept of CPD, this acronym stands for Continuing Professional Education and it’s a great way to evidence you are keeping up-to-date with current knowledge and pursuing opportunities for professional growth.

So, what are you waiting for?

→ Take the Free Academic Tour now!

Plus, a webinar you’ll love

If you want to learn more about planning your nutrition career strategy, well, here’s your chance to do it with a LIVE group of aspiring or working nutrition professionals like you!

Join our LIVE webinar this Friday, 13 August 2021, at 4: 00 PM (UK time) with our CEO, Maurice Castelijn on Designing Your Nutrition Career Strategy.

→ Click here to save your seat now.

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