Maximising your professional opportunities in the health and nutrition space: Here’s how we are helping

Discover the benefits of becoming an ICF certified coach

Exciting things are happening here at THSA, and we are so pumped to give you a sneak peek into our new amazing programs:

  • What you should know about our ICF Accredited and US Board-Certified Professional Health Coaching Program
  • A brand-new university-calibre clinical nutrition program is coming and it is already US Board-Certified
  • Three new specialist certifications that are in the works

BONUS: New article to help you choose the right nutrition certification that complements your interests!

ICF Accredited Professional Health Coaching Program — Become an ICF coach with The Health Sciences Academy.

Coaching skills are for every profession!

  To ensure we put out a high-end coach training program for you to elevate your client coaching skills, we went through accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The amazing part? Our training program meets the ICF gold standard in coaching!

With our ICF accreditation for ACC level and CEE credits for PCC and MCC levels, the most sought-after credentials for coaches worldwide, our next round of coaches-in-training undergoing the Professional Health Coaching Program will enjoy a competitive advantage in the health coaching space!

  • Your prospective corporate clients and large companies value and actively seek ICF coaches, and now you’d get the chance to make a dent in the corporate wellness industry with above-par credentials.
  • The NHS and healthcare systems around the world recognise the ICF as the gold standard for coaching, and typically favour ICF credentials if you want to coach NHS workers, patients, and medical staff.
  • Every workplace needs stellar teams who understand how to apply ICF coaching competencies in key projects for better performance, innovation, and job satisfaction.
  • Your own private clients would benefit from your all-star coaching ability drawn from the ICF gold standard, enabling them to take their personal growth and wellbeing to new heights.

Every professional needs coaching skills!

Besides breeding the next generation of Advanced Health and Wellness Coaches under the ICF umbrella, our coaches-in-training learn how to coach clients with skills and tools drawn from behaviour change research, health psychology, positive psychology, and lifestyle medicine research — an evidence-based approach much needed in the coaching industry.

In addition to our sought-after ICF accreditation, our next cohort for the Professional Health Coaching Program would be able to receive US Board-Certified status, with graduates becoming eligible to use the title ‘Board Certified Health Coach’ alongside the BCHC nominal, enjoying the added credibility of being recognised in the US.

“I’m really excited about the dual ICF and US Board recognition for our next group of Advanced Health and Wellness Coaches”,

says Maurice Castelijn, CEO and Co-founder of The Health Sciences Academy.

“This is evidence that our Professional Health Coaching Program meets the highest standards, setting our amazing coaches-in-training apart.”

Are you ready to become part of the future of health coaching?

Want to pave your way into becoming a recognised ICF coach – and earn your dual ACC and BCHC credentials? Or are you a PCC or MCC wanting to coach in corporate wellness and receive ICF CEE credits and the ‘Board Certified Health Coach’ license?

Then raise your hand to join our second cohort for an intensive live training program filled with real-life coaching practice, instructor-led classes, and demos of coaching in action designed to prepare you as one of the top health and wellness coaches in the industry:

→ Click here to register your interest and be notified when our ICF Accredited Professional Health Coaching Program goes live!

US Board-Certified Clinical Nutrition Program — Become a Board-Certified Nutrition Consultant (BCNC)

What makes a great nutrition education program?

Is it the credentials it gives you, the time-flexibility, the evidence-based client practice, the supervised feedback, or the professional opportunities it opens up for you?

We say: All of these, please!

At The Health Sciences Academy, we are proud to announce our brand-new 18-month university-level program designed to skyrocket your clinical nutrition skills, and help you earn the professional recognition you deserve.

This intensive new program will be launching after the UK summer and our first cohort would be able to receive US Board-Certified status. This means that graduates become eligible to use the title ‘Board Certified Nutrition Consultant’ alongside the use of the BCNC nominal, enjoying the added credibility of being recognised in the US whilst also carrying UK and international weight.

What does the Clinical Nutrition Program involve?

This first-of-its-kind comprehensive clinical nutrition program consists of seven core-skills certifications PLUS three elective specialisations designed to equip you with the competencies needed to succeed as a nutrition professional.

Some of the program highlights include:

  • Learning how to personalise diets with plenty of client scenarios and examples
  • Putting your clinical skills to practice by working on a real-life client case study
  • Receiving expert feedback on your delivery of a client session start to finish

All while attaining eligibility to become a ‘Board Certified Nutrition Consultant’! Use the BCNC nominal after your name, and access a community of Board-Certified nutrition practitioners!

Our CEO, Maurice Castelijn, explains:

“The new clinical nutrition program is in essence an evidence-based university-calibre program yet it does not involve the duration of a long degree nor the costs. It’s a really great alternative for those who find the time and the costs of a 3- or 4-year long degree prohibitive but would still like to access the higher-level education and the credentials necessary to run a reputable nutrition clinic or consultancy that serves clients proficiently.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more details about this program coming soon!

More Certification News — Three new specialist certifications for you

We have THREE amazing new certifications that are in the works:

  • Skincare Nutrition Specialist
  • Advanced Nutritional Therapy
  • Plant-based Nutrition Specialist

Let’s begin with the Skincare Nutrition Specialist certification!

Brand new to The Health Sciences Academy and set to make its debut in a few months, this certification would help you to uncover the importance of nutrients in skin health maintenance, day-to-day care, and even repair.

You would learn how to identify a client’s skin type and skin tone, how to work alongside a medical professional and nutritionally support a client who has skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, or psoriasis, as well as how to build a personalised maintenance skincare plan for a client.

Additionally, you would discover the science of why we have skin (have you ever thought about that? ), the skin microbiome and how it connects to the gut, the fundamentals of skin procedures used by beauticians and dermatologists, and common ingredients found in skincare products.

So, if you want to be among the first to be notified once the Skincare Nutrition Specialist certification is ready for launch, click here to register your interest →

What about the new Advanced Nutritional Therapy certification?

Set to launch in the last quarter of this year, this advanced certification would go above and beyond the information taught in our current Nutritional Therapist course, and would be packed with the latest nutrition science, new nutritional personalisation tools, and plenty of client scenarios to advance your nutrition skills.

Besides learning the requirements of different macronutrients and micronutrients specific to each client, your will gain expanded skills on how to recognise and mitigate nutrient deficiency risks – with additional nutrients and symptoms to catalogue.

The evidence on the effects of antioxidant and phytochemicals is now more robust than ever, so you would be navigating new science alongside important topics such as food additives, functional foods, culinary herbs, and 170+ popular dietary approaches.

You’ll also get a step-by-step advanced guide to meal planning and uncover how to read food labels – and how to educate others on this, too!

If you want to be notified once the Advanced Nutritional Therapy certification is ready for launch (we’re planning an upgrade path too for graduates of the Nutritional Therapist certification 😊), please click here to register your interest →

Want to become a Plant-based Nutrition Specialist?

A large portion of the world are going vegan and vegetarian. But are they doing this safely, or just making things worse for their health?

Our much-acclaimed Plant-based Nutrition Specialist certification is also set to launch at the end of the year. While some individuals may have the capability to go plant-based overnight, for others, this is either not feasible or they don’t have the tools and know-how to do this without increasing their nutrient deficiency risks or deteriorating their health.

For this reason, we take you through the 10 phases to help an individual (either a client or yourself), transition to a more plant-based diet – all while taking into account sustainable behaviour change.

But are plant-based diets equal?

Inside this specialised certification, you would discover the different types of plant-based and plant-rich diets, and then dive into the main reasons why individuals choose to follow this dietary path.

We would then take you step-by-step through each of the 10 transitional phases of going 100% plant-based while helping your clients maintain health, work toward their goals, and reduce the risk of becoming nutrient deficient as they progress through each one of the 10 phases personalised for them.

We would also explore the science behind raw food eating, going SOS free (salt, oil, and sugar), being plant-based at different life stages (is it good or bad for infants and children?), and so much more!

Do you want to be notified once the Plant-based Nutrition Specialist certification is ready for launch?

→ Yes, notify me, please!

Top Online Nutrition Certifications For Making A Mark In The Health And Nutrition Space

Top Online Nutrition Certifications For Making A Mark In The Health And Nutrition Space

Are you just starting out in the nutrition space and having trouble deciding on the right online nutrition certification for you?

Or are you looking to expand your professional opportunities by completing a new nutrition certification?

Look no further; this article is for you!

Whatever the case and wherever you lie on the spectrum, you must know that you are about to embark on a most enlightening journey.

This decision will change your life and help you make your mark in the health and nutrition space while having a significant impact on the clients you decide to support once you get started with equipping yourself with evidence-based nutrition science knowledge.

So how do you decide on what nutrition certification to complete?

Nutrition science has many facets and various nutrition science areas you can specialise in.

A client would typically seek out a nutrition professional when they are wondering how to resolve their eating to meet their specific health goals…

Continue reading your bonus article here →

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“How do I know if my child is getting all the right nutrients for proper growth?”

 “Should I worry about feeding my kids the wrong foods for learning and mood control?”

“Our family dinner is a tantrum-loaded warzone… is picky eating solvable at all?”

Speech challenges, learning delays, stunted growth, irrational tantrums, short-fused aggression, hyperactivity, a lack of attention… they can all have a dietary element underneath.

What a little boy or little girl eats can deeply affect their mood, memory, and brain development – with long-lasting consequences carried into adulthood.

So how does diet shape a growing child? And in what ways may you help parents, caretakers, and teachers with the nutrition of little ones?

Completing this CPD-certified training will equip you with vital knowledge underpinning how food can impact your client’s child neurologically, emotionally, and intellectually – alongside insights about adequately running child nutrition programs to best support little boys and girls with their developmental needs.

Here’s what you will discover in this CPD Certified Webinar:

  • Why nutrition and health practitioners should gain a deep insight into child nutrition science when working with parents, caretakers, and teachers
  • Importance of custom-building child nutrition plans considering gender, age, height, weight, and other calculations
  • How adding child nutrition programs to your practice can help clients with the developmental needs of their little ones
  • Advantages of becoming an Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor™ and integrating child nutrition into your work with our Level 5 Certification
  • Personalisation methods and planning tools to use when running your own child nutrition programs to support parents, caretakers, sports clubs, and schools

Remember you have the option of claiming your smart CPD certificate when you complete this webinar!

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