No idea or too many ideas: What is the RIGHT nutrition business for you?

We all know that the nutrition industry is rife with fierce competition and gaining more entrants every day. But the key is not to see this competition as a deterrent but rather as an invitation to explore opportunities you are yet to capture. And once you start to delve into these opportunities, you will want to figure out how to deliver a service or a product that is a cut above the rest.

But what should that profitable service or product be?

Perhaps you don’t yet have a clear idea for this. Or maybe you are overwhelmed by the number of potential directions that you could take! All you know is that you want a profitable nutrition business that you feel proud of and that gives you the freedom that you crave.

So how do you go about trying to establish the right nutrition business that is BEST suited to you? And how do you make sure that it is not a pipe dream, but rather a realistic way to generate profits while meeting the needs of clients?

Whether you have no idea whatsoever OR too many ideas about your next venture, if you feel paralysed from not knowing what your next steps should be, then read on because we’ve got you covered!

In today’s article, we will go through:

  • Possible challenges that every aspiring or working nutrition professional faces
  • What you need to know to help you make the shift from reinventing the wheel to building a purpose-driven business
  • Marketing strategies that can help grow your business online
  • Next steps that can save you valuable years when you take action TODAY

Current challenges that every nutrition professional faces

For most nutrition and health professionals, the ultimate goal is to support others in the improvement of their nutrition and overall health, while having a sustainable form of income.

Some nutrition professionals may opt to work as a part of a team in a company or in a clinical practice. While others prefer the freedom of being their own boss and dictating their own agenda.

Either way, nutrition professionals are known to be enterprising and eager to make an impactful contribution with their work. But gaining clarity on the ‘sure’ path to succeed on this may feel daunting, especially when trying to create your own business, bringing up questions such as:

  • How can I build a purpose-driven business that is sustainable and that delivers long-term revenue?
  • How can I stand out in the busy crowd, especially compared to:
    • Those that shout loudest (social media)?
    • Those that are perceived experts (but actually promote a lot of fads)?
    • Those with a dietetics degree from university (impostor syndrome)?
  • How do I work out my niche when clients just want that one single go-to-place that can help with all their desired health outcomes – sleep, stress, weight loss, fertility, longevity, brain health, sports nutrition, symptoms, detox, gut health, food sensitivities, skincare, and everything in between?
  • How much should I charge for my services or products? How can I command premium prices? Should I go for an 8-week package, a monthly retainer, or charge per session?

And these are just some of the many challenges and doubts that even smart nutrition professionals face. So where should we start looking for some answers? With so many obstacles and barriers, how can you win in the nutrition space?

Here’s your formula to winning in the nutrition space:

1. Finding clarity from engagement, not just thought

Gaining clarity on the ‘sure’ path to success and profitability seems like an intellectual exercise, but there’s actually more to it. B-School founder Marie Forleo says: “Clarify comes from engagement, not thought”. She argues that it’s not until we start taking action that our direction becomes clearer to us.

There are many professional opportunities out there waiting for you to maximise, but you will unlikely discover the best path for you if you just think about it to no end. Instead, it is worth engaging with what may be a potential direction for you.

For example:

  • If you want to develop a healthier baby food product for busy mothers, go to the places where they are sold and sample what is out there.
  • If you want to deliver an award-winning service in the food sector, go check out what has won awards before.
  • If you want to run a successful nutrition coaching program online, enrol in one of the most popular online group programs that thousands of people have chosen and love.

Put simply, by physically engaging with our idea, as opposed to just “thinking it in the head”, we can start gaining the clarity that we need. Maybe we realise the idea is not for us, or maybe we want to pursue it further. Whichever way, we will never know unless we do something that makes that idea a little bit more tangible in our current reality. So, to gain clarity, action is key.

2. Developing the entrepreneurial mindset

What does it take to be and succeed as an entrepreneur? Or even as an intrapreneur within a company?

There’s no better way to find out than by connecting and speaking with someone who has started a business or unit from the ground up, and with little or no investment at all. This person can be in ANY industry, and doesn’t have to be in the food, nutrition, fitness, or wellness sectors. In fact, some of the best ideas and inspiration can come from mentors who have run companies and services outside of our own little world!

As you connect with successful entrepreneurs, you will realise that they have something in common: a moon-like view of the world. An entrepreneurial mindset tends to go above and beyond what is obvious in front of us. It is expansive, even when resources are low or scarce. As entrepreneur and philanthropist Marie Forleo says: “It’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness.” Indicating that it is about what we can DO (rather than what we have) that can help take us a step closer to the answers and solutions that we want and are yet to be discovered.

So, if you describe yourself as hard-working yet have an ambitious chip propelling you to do something you’ve never done before, and if you know you are on this planet and you are meant to make a meaningful impact, then it pays to start creating meaningful connections with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are driven by purpose.

That said, remaining profitable still matters. Which takes us to the third element of this winning formula…

3. Exceling in marketing

You may have the best product or service in the nutrition and health space, but if you don’t know how to get it in front of those who need it most, your business won’t be able to survive. Many of us in the nutrition and health space have this negative association with marketing, feeling that it cheapens us, or thinking that if we are good at something, people should just find us. But in reality, marketing is the livelihood of your business: just like a pumping heart, helping nutrients reach cells around the body.

As you know, at The Health Sciences Academy we are continually looking for ways to help you maximise your impact and to build a successful and sustainable business. What drives us is YOU changing people’s lives, but unless you are one of the lucky few who has unlimited cash, you need to know how to market yourself, particularly online.

So, if you want to grow your online presence, you’ll want to watch the replay of our webinar with B-School Founder Marie Forleo – How to Effectively Market Your Nutrition Business Online. This webinar may just prove to be that game-changer for you!

Click here to watch the webinar replay and hear Marie Forleo herself giving you and other nutrition professionals her best marketing advice.

What do you require to uplevel your nutrition business and run it successfully?

Now that you know this winning formula, how can you develop the expertise required to implement it?

There are timeless yet new-age strategies that can maximise your visibility, empower you as an entrepreneur and yield growth and results, and these are the strategies that Marie Forleo’s B-School can teach you.

We joined hands with B-School as a partner and designed the THSA B-School Package to help you save valuable years and fast track your success!

These strategies would set you on the path towards building a purpose driven business that would grow your revenue and help you make an impact.

Let’s explore a few of them below:

1. Have a profit-making, world-changing plan

Just like your clients need a plan to improve their nutrition, you also need a plan to help you create a business that would be successful, yield profit, and help you make an impact.

This plan should reflect your vision, showcase your “why”, help you amplify your strengths, detail your services and how to offer them creatively, and generate sales on your budget!

2. Create a website that converts and sells

If you already have a website, is it converting your visitors to sales? Are your products and services displayed on your website creatively to attract leads? This is important if you want to make profit.

And if you do not have a website, you need to learn how to go about building a website that converts visitors to sales. You also need to understand how to aid conversions and optimise your leads and this and more you can learn at B-School.

3. Utilise a winning content strategy

To amplify your reach online, you need content that conveys your brand message and your product and services creatively and effectively. For your content to be effective, it must convert. But you must ensure your strategy is one that works for you, so it doesn’t become a burden.

You also have to remain consistent so that you can reap the rewards of your efforts.

4. Discover how to increase traffic and amplify your reach

How are you taking advantage of email marketing? It remains one of the most profitable business strategies you can use to drive sales up and maintain a stream of traffic to your site. To truly maximise this strategy, you need to figure out the best times to email your audience and what to communicate. This is one of the proven strategies you can learn when you join B-School.

5. Put out products and services your customers will rave about

How do you maintain a steady stream of fans who can’t stop raving about your products and spreading the news about your top-notch products or service?

By discovering how to position your services, maximise your sales, how to price your products or services, and how to keep your customers happy before, during and after sales.

6. Become more visible online

Running your own business can seem like a rocky road at first. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially when you have the know-how to help clients and the marketing acumen to expand your possibilities.

With the THSA B-School Package, you get the best of both worlds — advanced certifications in the nutrition space via the Nutrition Business Explorer Program AND super targeted training in online marketing through B-School.

Your business opportunities can become limitless!

Once you begin to explore the various certifications available to you, what professional opportunities exist for you in the health or nutrition industry when you apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired via the THSA B-School package?

Professional opportunities that exist for you to maximise in nutrition and health

At The Health Sciences Academy, we’ve trained thousands of nutrition and health professionals over the years, helped countless students and alumni, and we know the nutrition and food industry inside out. So here are a few professional opportunities and markets that are PROVEN to be profitable and sustainable as a means of income:


Do you have a passion for working with groups? Then this one may be for you. You could deliver fun workshops and hands-on coaching demonstrating personalised nutrition strategies to your coachees, the use of healthful ingredients for delicious meals, including food art games and taste contests that also include educational explanations about the health properties and benefits of the foods and ingredients used.

You could also develop shopping lists and tasty recipes for your workshop attendees to take home with them, demonstrate safe cooking practices, and help them develop healthy meal-preparation skills.

If you want to see how one of the most successful group coaching programs in the world is run, with over 66,000 coachees over the years, then be sure to join B-School and take note!

A stellar group experience and tangible individual results are both pivotal if you want to operate in this space.


Have a love for cooking? You can delve into meal planning and delivery of fresh meals or fresh food ingredients with recipes. These can be personalised for different segments of clients, such as families, childminders, nurseries, weight loss clients, fertility clients, athletes, office workers, and others. A hot trend right now is survey-based personalisation for different types of customers, and the future is pointing towards AI-based meal personalisation.

Your offering could include designing personalised meals for the workforce and busy professionals, and prepare these meals for home or office delivery.

Examples of successful businesses operating in the meal delivery service space include Gobble, Purple Carrot, Freshly, Soulmate Foods, Little Spoons, and Yumble.


Is gastronomy or product formulation your thing? You could help with the creation of supporting food products, drinks, and supplements for different health goals – ranging from gut health, sports nutrition, weight management, skincare, food sensitivities, and fertility, to special diets (such as vegan, plant-based, dairy-free, gluten free), kid’s foods, and much more.

Examples include sports drinks, vitamin water, probiotic shots, immune-supporting supplements, prebiotic snack bars, green smoothies, herbal tea mixes, and fortified foods.

To operate in this space, branding and packaging that stands out and effective marketing are key.


Do you operate in the fitness space? You could establish nutrition programs to support fitness members with personalised nutrition for different health goals – from sports and exercise performance to weight loss and gut health. This can be accompanied by stress management programs to support mental health and sleep advice for clients struggling with their sleep quality or quantity.

Also in the cards for you is helping to create healthier eateries and gym cafés with fresh-ingredient menus that support physical activity, recovery, weight control and overall wellness, including freshly made phytochemical-rich smoothies, chunky soups, and herbal teas.

As more gyms and clubs are reactivated post-lockdowns, there is an incredible opportunity for you to explore in this space, which will equally attract new members and reactivate members lost during the global pandemic.


Going solo, partnering with another nutrition professional, or building your own nutrition team – are all possible options to explore when you run your own clinical practice. This space usually entails commanding premium prices for your cut-above-the-rest nutritional advice and personalised programs.

You could have clients coming in for one-to-one consultations, deliver group programs, and even offer add-on services by teaming up with other health professionals – from fitness pros, to beauticians, to massage therapists, and chefs.

Building a personalised experience that wows your clients tends to propel word-of-mouth referrals and can boost the number of prospects lining up for your services – in particular people who won’t blink an eye at your premium fees.

This space is the dream of many nutrition professionals and a proven model when focusing on client health outcomes and behavioural implementation support.


Are machine learning and AI your forte? Then this space could be for you. This involves engineering complex algorithms that provide health and nutrition solutions to your customers. From having AI on the backend predicting a user’s responses to different foods to providing personalised recommendations for different health outcomes.

This also offers the opportunity to conduct ‘citizen science’ and use large datasets for analysis and published research that can help drive the future of personalised nutrition.

Companies that are making a mark in this space include the Zoe nutrition app, which combines predictive AI and home-testing kits that provide users the opportunity to learn more about their individual responses to food, such as postprandial glucose and triglyceride monitoring, DNA testing, and microbiome testing, among others.


Is connecting others one of your natural strengths? Then operating in the events sector could be a profitable and attractive option for you. This involves lining up leading guest speakers and gathering audiences who are eager to learn and connect.

From large multi-day events to one-day conferences that can be delivered either in person or online. The themes can vary – from nutrition science to mental health to careers advice, it is key to understand what your market is looking for.

Ticketing, logistics, invites, sponsorship, and guest speakers – all of this require running a stellar team of experienced event organisers who don’t mind running against the clock.

An example of leading company in the events space is Food Matters Live, delivering events in person and online that attract thousands of leaders and attendees in the food and nutrition sectors, alongside impressive sponsors and voting panels for best-of awards.


Do you have an existing network in the corporate space? Then your point of entry into this space could be quite organic.

Good nutrition is intrinsically linked to cognitive and physical productivity as well as mental health. You could deliver corporate wellness nutrition programs – with the option for further personalisation for each employee once you have acquired the expertise to do so after completing the relevant certifications with The Health Sciences Academy.

For example, you could start by compiling data about employees’ stress levels or poor sleep. Chances are that employees reporting both may also be at risk for burnout, even without realising it. Stress load and sleep deprivation result in higher levels of inflammation in the body, leading to impaired immunity and an increased risk for most chronic health conditions. By equipping employees with the right strategies for building resilience and getting the rest that they need, you can help them overcome these challenges and ultimately support healthier work environments.

You could also choose to deliver corporate wellness workshops – with the option for further personalisation for each employee on a one-to-one basis or through group coaching programs that you can invite them to.

What should you do next?

In a fiercely competitive nutrition space, your desired future could easily be yours for the taking if you decide to grab the unmatched opportunities available to you through the THSA B-School Package.

And you have until 29 July 2021 before registration doors close!

Discover how you can take your business to unparalleled heights when you apply timeless yet relevant marketing strategies from B-School. If you want to amplify your visibility to yield growth and impactful results, these strategies would save you valuable years and fast track your success!

And with your complimentary 6-month unlimited access to our Nutrition Business Explorer Program when you join B-School through The Health Sciences Academy, you have access to advanced certifications and client tools that will expand your knowledge and help you maximise your professional opportunities.

Whether you are new to the Nutrition Business Explorer Program or want to extend your access for another 6 months, you will get this when you enrol in B-School through us. Enjoy access to as many of the 14 advanced certifications that you want to take next, the client-getting bundles for your completed specialisations, the practical science, client assessment tools and worksheets, and lots more!

As soon as you join B-School, you will receive your first bonus training from Marie Forleo, called ‘Start the RIGHT Business’ to gain the clarity you need. But hurry…

Registration to join B-School close in one week – 29 July 2021!

→ Take that leap and go here to join B-School now before the doors close until next year.

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