The Benefits of Focusing Your Nutrition Business on the Whole Family

Good nutrition is applicable to the whole family, and many nutrition professionals are expanding their practices to include more family-friendly specialisations.

Not only does this empower you to help more people, it also gives you the opportunity to evolve with your clients. Family-oriented nutrition is something that’s perpetually ongoing, meaning that your services will always be relevant.

For some nutrition specialists, their services are stopped once a client has reached a primary goal (weight loss, muscle gain, etc.). However, focusing on the whole family allows you to become an essential part of their health and wellness needs.

Having a multi-service practice means that you’ll have the power to pivot based on the ongoing needs of your clients – and this means a longer working relationship and increased earning potential.

Good nutrition doesn’t always start at home.

Let’s face it – busy parents don’t always make the best nutrition choices (kudos to those who do). Sometimes time is a factor, other times it may be a matter of simply not knowing what’s healthy. Many people carry poor diets and habits over from childhood, and these get passed on to the next generation.

This has led to an epidemic of obesity and the health problems that come with it. Not only are these health issues a concern, some families will also struggle with nutrient deficiencies that can impact immunity, overall quality of life, and even childhood brain development.

“Obesity rates for children are increasing at an alarming rate in both developed and underdeveloped countries. Globally, there are around 50 million overweight children under the age of 5!”

By focusing your nutrition business on the family, you have the power to change lives for generations to come!

Nutrition is essential for child and brain development.

Did you know that good nutrition starts in the womb? Without the proper nutrients, children can face growth and developmental delays early in life. And issues related to poor childhood nutrition can follow them into their adult years.

“Did you know? An obese child is more likely to be obese as an adult. One study found that if a child is overweight at the age of 13, they are twice as likely to be an obese adult.”

Because of this, parents have a very real responsibility to understand and promote good nutrition habits in the home.

According to our research (which can be found in the Advanced Child and Brain Advisor certification):

“Children who eat a high-sugar, high-fat diet tend to have a lower IQ, whether they are obese or not (Northstone et al., 2011). In addition, there are negative cognitive implications associated with excess body fat. For example, a 2016 study found that being overweight is linked to poorer memory.”

Good nutrition for children is essential to both their physical and cognitive development!

As an Advanced Child and Brain Development nutritional advisor you’ll have the capability and credibility to reach out to families, and to offer help that could change lifelong habits for the better.

Expanding your client base expands your earning potential.

As a savvy businessperson, one of the best things you can do to grow your business (and profit margin) is to diversify in a way that ties into your niche. For instance, if you focus on weight loss for one adult, you can pivot to include preventative nutritional measures within the home.

This tackles obesity at one of the sources, and helps families prevent or remedy childhood obesity as well. Changing the eating or nutritional habits of the entire family will yield better results and make it easier for your clients to see long-term improvements.

Not only will you make a greater impact, you’ll also become a necessity for families who want to continually improve the lives of everyone in the household. This is where a multi-service practice comes in.

Choosing certification specialisations that augment the services you offer within your niche is a smart move. You’ll be able to address additional problems and apply your knowledge across a broader range of scenarios.

Premium knowledge across all areas of your niche will give you a competitive advantage that allows you to stand out.

Are you ready to help more people?

Becoming an Advanced Child and Brain Nutritional Advisor opens you up to a whole new market within the nutrition industry. Someone you began helping when they were a child could continue to work with you into their adulthood. And being able to expand your niche to include the whole family leads to an increased client base.

The Nutrition Business Explorer Program was created to give you access to every level 5 and 6 niche specific certification we offer – making it even easier to pursue a multi-service practice.

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