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To eat or not to eat? And then what?

Certain foods can sometimes be so difficult to resist…

… even with the greatest willpower in the world, you can find yourself reaching for that succulent cake or sticky doughnut!

You might think that your conscious brain is in complete control of the choices you make about food… and that when you’re tempted by treats, it is nothing more than a battle between your willpower versus that little hunger monkey who lives inside your belly.

But the answer to who (or what) controls your brain’s decision making is a great deal more complex…

To help you understand your brain on food, I’ve been working on a new Video Training:

You can access it HERE – it’s free for you!

You’ll also get the full set of PDF slides (81 of them!), together with the video transcript.

Make sure to grab a pen, because we’ve got a couple of fun experiments that we’ll do together!

This training is extra helpful if you struggle to control yourself around food… or have zero willpower to change what or how you eat.

I’ll be teaching you amazing science-backed tricks that you can implement right away, starting today!

Ready to learn?

Here’s the registration link for you!

This training won’t be online for long, so join me asap.

See you on the other side!

Dr Alex Ruani, Research Director

The-Health-Sciences-Academy-Alejandra-Ruani-small1-right Alex Ruani, Doctoral Researcher, leads the research division at The Health Sciences Academy, where her team of accomplished scientists and PhDs are training a new breed of over 100,000 highly-specialised nutrition professionals who are leveraging the latest personalisation strategies to help their clients. She is a Harvard-trained scientist and UCL Doctoral Researcher who is fanatical about equipping health professionals with the latest science-based tools so they can succeed in their practices – from identifying the unique nutrient needs to building highly personalised nutrition programs. Besides investigating and teaching the latest advances in health and nutrition biochemistry, Alex makes it easier to be smarter with her free email updates.

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