Gut Health Services – A Good Idea for Your Nutrition Business

Adding new services to your nutrition business gives you the power of competitive advantage and keeps you at the top of your client game. The key is choosing which specialisations to pursue and learning which ones will truly move the needle on your client experiences.

And this begins with understanding the different components that have a direct impact on quality of life – including gut health.

“Gut health” is a concept that’s gotten a lot of attention in the health and wellness community lately. However, it’s important to separate the buzz words from the real scientific concepts – especially when you’re interested in adding this service to your nutrition business.

What is Gut Health?

Let’s start with the basics (which you’ll learn in the Advanced Gut Restoration Nutritional Advisor™ certification)…

Gut health refers to the symbiotic relationship between intestinal bacteria, viruses, human cells, and the needs of the body.

A healthy gut means that your gastrointestinal system is working as it should, and you’re digesting your food and drink in a way that supports overall physical and mental health.

But your small and large intestines do much more than just digest and process the foods you eat! They are also responsible for the absorption of nutrients and other processes vital to the healthy function of the human body.

Did you know that an estimated 90% of the body’s serotonin – the neurotransmitter often credited with “fighting depression” – is actually made in the gut?

Which means that a healthy gut can have an impact on a healthy mental state.

It’s also important to understand what can be attributed to poor gut health, and what requires a different type of specialized focus…

 “Leaky gut syndrome” is not yet a diagnosable condition. But many individuals still claim this is the cause of many ailments and propose solutions which may do more harm than good. Indeed, it may contribute to other gut diseases, and so learning to manage it correctly can help reduce gut symptoms.”

Why is Gut Health important to your nutrition clients?

An imbalanced microbiome can increase risk for malnutrition and feeling poorly in general. Around 11% of the population struggles with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and an even larger number complains of sensitivity to certain foods.

In short, no matter how focused someone is on proper nutrition, it can all be undermined if they aren’t personalizing their diet to the needs of their gut.

Part of a successful nutrition business involves catering to the needs of your niche. And nearly every niche will deal with gut related issues at one time or another.

Issues with gut health can impact every other part of a person’s life, and the results that they’re able to successfully achieve via your nutrition practice! If clients aren’t reaching their health and wellness goals, it can reflect poorly on your advice – and that’s not good for anyone!

So, it makes sense to integrate knowledge that’s vital to all clients into your certification repertoire. This can include specialisations in things like stress and sleep management, or a general focus on nutritional therapy.

Fortunately, The Health Sciences Academy offers the Nutrition Business Explorer Program™, which gives you access to all of these specialisations – click here to learn how.

Creating packages around Gut Health services…

Whether your focus is on gut heath entirely, or you’d like to integrate it into your packages holistically, it’s important to showcase your knowledge.

Making sure that current and future clients are aware of your specialisations helps increase your value, and the amount you can charge in the future.

And keep in mind, a multi-service practice means changing clients’ lives for the better while still making a living!

Your Multi-Service Practice starts here.

Are you ready to discover new specialisations (like The Advanced Gut Restoration Advisor certification) that can help you improve your nutrition business?

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