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Expand your knowledge with university-level, evidence-based learning materials

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Receive your nutrition business in a box, including client getting bundle, downloadable client materials and tools

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Bring your nutrition business concept to market the smart way.

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Certifications benchmark

Please see how the levels of our online certifications translate to the commonly known frameworks in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Europe and worldwide.
Our advisory, custom-made certifications are developed so that our students are enabled to work with their own clients. Our certifications go above and beyond most of the qualifications you’ll find in each of the frameworks mentioned above. The comparison table above helps you compare the standard and the complexity of our certifications against those frameworks. Please note that the terminology used above doesn’t necessarily reflect the exact terminology used in specified countries referring to standards of higher learning.

Hear from our graduates

“The Health Sciences Academy empowered me to take my business online. It helped me change my vision of helping 10,000 people instead of just 1000 people.”
Davor Cvijic
Fitness Trainer
“With the help of this program, I am now helping 100’s of nurseries with rollout menu advice. I was also a Keynote Speaker, a book author, and a host of Food Channel on TV.”
Louise Mercieca
Personal Trainer
“This program enhanced my knowledge and belief, which helped me go from charging $150 for a 6-week period up to $1000 for a 6-week period for my clients.”
Aaron Day
Keto Chef

Program requirements

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Client certifications

"My certifications with The Health Sciences Academy have taught me to use and understand many scientific methods and they are invaluable when it comes to implementing what I have learned into my business. I got clearer on the direction of my company. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them!"
Christopher Barker
Founder of The Lifestyle Clinic
"I've started a business based on helping people create the healhiest, most able-to-thrive babies possible with the building blocks being my learnings with The Health Sciences Academy. I'm just so thankful for the education and for the amazing team that helped me! For me it's been life-changing."
Rochelle Serna
Founder of The Non Tox Shop