Adapt and Diversify – How to Continue to Grow your Nutrition, Health, or Fitness Business in a Remote Environment

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“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” 

These are strange times. We’re living through one of the most impactful collective traumas in recent history. Schools are closed and parents are home schooling. Jobs have been lost. The economy is suffering. People are hoarding food. Health has become one of the major topics of conversation…

And people are gaining an entirely new perspective on the importance of health and good nutrition.

You, as a nutrition, health, or fitness professional, have a responsibility… not to shrink into the background, but to grow and share your services with as many people as possible right now.

We know that the inclination may be to hide. Or to freeze and try to preserve what you currently have – but this is where truly successful business people will flip the script.

And it starts with understanding how your potential client base has expanded (you read that right) in a very big way…

You NOW have the potential to recognise and connect with new client segments.

Quarantine hasn’t necessarily pushed us back to slower times. The presence of the internet means that people are taking advantage of this time to learn, connect, and focus on personal growth in an unprecedented way.

YOU have the power to help more people by moving into the remote space and adapting your practice to include new services and offerings that will allow you to continue to learn, serve, and earn during this time.

It starts by acknowledging that we’re in this together…

People from every continent are experiencing the same frustrations and revelations, and this breeds opportunity for those who have the tools to help them with any type of personal development – especially services geared towards their health.

Your target client groups are is no longer limited to those who are locally available. It has now grown to include every single person who’s sitting in their home and looking for a way to continue to improve their health and nutrition in spite of their limited movement.

Don’t allow the lack of localised connection prevent you from continuing to work, take on new clients, and grow your business.

NOW, you have the opportunity to share vital information with people from all over the world! Your client base isn’t limited, and this means you have unlimited potential for growth!

What does diversification look like in today’s nutrition, health, and fitness sectors?

Business diversification can usually be categorised into very generic terms:

  • Horizontal diversification, or pivoting to offer new products or services that are slightly different from your former/current offerings
  • Concentric diversification, or expanding your current offering to include related goods or services
  • Conglomerate or large-scale diversification – which involves a COMPLETE change of goods or services that may be directed at a new audience (not necessarily a good move right now)

These are the broad diversification terms that are usually applied when discussing changes to a company or business.

When applied to your nutrition business, you can see how a form of concentric diversification might be the best option right now…

But, as a nutrition professional, it’s important to find the strategy that best works your industry and the capabilities of your target clients.

However, we’re currently facing an event that hasn’t been previously considered (at length) when discussing diversification strategies.

Which is why The Health Sciences Academy has focused on Adaptive Concentric Diversification for the health, fitness, and nutrition industries as a preferred strategy during this time. Not only is it essential to move into a remote environment, it’s also NECESSARY to adapt by cultivating a multi-service practice with additional specialisations that open your nutrition business to new, widespread client segments!

You, as a business owner, sole trader, or budding professional need to be aware of Adaptive Concentric Diversification as an option. Instead of feeling lost or unsure, it’s time to create an updated plan of attack focused on expanding and changing with the current crisis.

You need to:

  • ADAPT your health and nutrition business to the circumstances,
  • move to an online platform to start working remotely,
  • and DIVERSIFY your offerings to create a multi-service practice that will appeal to a broader range of potential health and nutrition clients.

When offering local services is no longer an option, you need to think bigger, and prepare your nutrition, health, or fitness business to do the same!

Connecting to your target prospects and overcoming their current objections…

One of the hallmarks of good marketing is empathy. You need to put yourself in your prospective client’s shoes and consider their misgivings and objections about moving forward with your services at this time.

Many potential clients will be suffering from the same fears that may be driving you. A fear of financial instability and uncertainty.

It’s important that you acknowledge this, respect their feelings, and operate with complete transparency.

Many people are being bombarded with “miracle cures” and bad information which may pose a risk to their health instead of supporting it right now, and you have the power to remedy much of that.

When discussing your services with a new client or developing marketing materials, don’t be afraid to tackle these fears head on.

Talk to people about the importance of health, fitness, and nutrition (especially now) and use science to help them understand the genuine need for your advice and services. Then, practice active listening.

Don’t dismiss their objections, but listen and truly respond to their situation…

As with all things related to health and nutrition, the key is in personalisation. Take the time to understand the needs and position of your potential clients, and work with them towards a mutually beneficial solution.

And remember…

There’s NO shame in making sales right now!

You need to make a living as well, and you just so happen to be in one if the most in-demand industries worldwide.

If a client can’t afford your original rates, it’s okay to discount due to economic issues – but it’s not okay to put your own financial stability in jeopardy to do so.

And, it’s been proven that clients who make some kind of financial commitment are more likely to follow through and see success! So, a reasonable price that respects the needs of your target segments during this crisis is a win-win scenario.

However, if you plan on discounting due to the current economy, make sure that you set definite parameters for this, and limit it! Once the economy begins to recover – so should your price point!

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented nutrition business strategies.

Before the onset of the Coronavirus, professionals had the luxury of choosing to work in-person or remotely with clients based on their preferences.

With quarantine quickly becoming a reality for millions, we now see a need to adapt businesses to fit the needs and capabilities of the target segments.

Now, some nutrition, health, and fitness professionals are moving into survival mode – which will NOT facilitate growth!

Fear can NOT be your primary motivator when choosing to diversify your business. You must change your strategies in answer to the needs of your current and future clients. Instead of a “survivor” mindset, pivot to a “growth” mindset, and focus on how you can thrive…

Nutrition and health are some of the most necessary commodities in the world right now. And YOU are in a position to offer these services.

How to adopt remote strategies that enable Adaptive Concentric Diversification in your business…

The key is knowing how to put what you offer in front of the people who need it the most – cue Adaptive Concentric Diversification for nutrition professionals.

To successfully take your business remote, you’ll need to:

  • Diversify your health and nutrition offerings by learning new specialisations and expanding your skillset (make a multi-service practice your endgame).
  • Offer relevant content: Workout videos, interactive online sessions, quarantine eating tips, and anything that helps you stay present, relevant, and connected to prospective clients.
  • Keep your current clients by moving services online (look at Zoom, Google meet, Duo, Skype, Facebook Lives, etc.) and by communicating on a regular and frequent basis. People need more support right now and they’ll appreciate this.
  • Expand your audience to include anyone online that fits your general target market. You still need to market to your ideal clients, but they are no longer restricted by location.
  • Consider increasing your web presence using a website (there are free options available), a blog, a YouTube channel, and even a newsletter.
  • Maximise testimonials at this time. Trust is something that needs to be carefully cultivated in a remote setting, and testimonials will facilitate this.
  • Explore new tools and resources (ask about a Clinic Toolkit subscription if you’ve finished a certification with The Health Sciences Academy and need to take clients to a ready-made digital platform).
  • Create a sense of community by creating and growing client centered groups – think Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Establishing your THSA competitive advantage…

Graduates of The Health Sciences Academy have a wealth of nutrition knowledge at their disposal…

Not only do they have the power to share scientifically backed nutrition advice, they also have the advantage of gaining expertise in multiple disciplines to expand their target segments!

True Competitive Advantage (CA) comes with the ability to personalise your services to fit the needs of your health and nutrition clients. This is what specialisation really means, and it allows you to choose industry segments that you’re truly passionate about.

And when the nutrition business landscape is changing, it’s important to cultivate your knowledge and to become as versatile in your practice as humanly possible.

Ready to diversify and enable growth?

It’s absolutely imperative that you diversify your health and nutrition services in a way that’s concentric, adaptive, and remotely available right now.

Which types of health and nutrition clients are you serving right now? Which new health and nutrition client segments can you serve? 

You NEED to learn to expand the types and number of people you can serve in order to keep earning, and growing your business.

Eager to learn how to do this?

Click here to read more about our Explorer Program, and to set up a call to see if you’re a viable candidate for our Coronavirus Scholarship.

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