How Much Can YOU Earn as a THSA Professional Certified Health Coach?

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As we’ve said before – earning potential is almost always a serious consideration when choosing a new career.

And when you have the right combination of passion and financial security, the sky really is the limit!

Fortunately, we’ve designed our THSA Professional Health Coaching Program to account for both your passion for helping others, and your need for a financially secure career that allows you to pursue the life you (and your clients) deserve.

So, how much – in today’s economic climate – can you REALLY make as a THSA Professional Health Coach?

 How the numbers stack up…

According to the US Department of Labor, there is no real measurement of how much life and health coaches make on average. These occupations are often categorized as “educators” and earnings reports are skewed.

So, we looked at additional industry reports and spoke to experienced coaching professionals to get an exact idea of just how much you can make as a THSA Professional Health Coach

We’ve discovered that there are several tiers of “health coaches”, each with increasing earning potential.

The lowest tiers are made up of coaches who received their certifications from “self-accredited” – which translates into not accredited – online institutions with little to no professional oversight. Some of these coaches simply start practicing without ever completing ANY formal certification (scary, right?)

The tiers made up of self-proclaimed and undertrained coaches usually don’t surpass $30,000 a year in annual revenue – not counting overhead costs.

And in reality, many of these lowest tier coaches don’t last more than a few months because of the overall quality of their work and consumer complaints.

However – DON’T let those numbers discourage you!

Mid-level health coaching programs often lack accreditation…

Mid-level health coaches are professionals who may have previous experience in the healthcare or nutrition industries, and who finish a self-study coaching course that isn’t accredited or pending accreditation.

These are the popular “health coaching” courses that may have excellent marketing but prove to be relatively flimsy when it comes to substance.

Some of these programs aren’t bad, per se, but they are more to enhance another career in healthcare instead of focusing on health coaching as a career entirely.

These mid-level programs usually result in earning potential of between $30,000 and $55,000 when combined with other skillsets. This isn’t a bad thing – but doesn’t necessarily accurately reflect the REAL earning potential of highly skilled health coaches…

So, what makes a “higher tier” health coach?

Higher tier health coaches are pursuing health coaching as an ever-evolving career. This is not a passing hobby for them – but a vocation that they’re highly passionate about pursuing!

When we get into this tier, we’re talking about individuals who have completed world-class health coaching programs that have gone through some sort of accreditation process and faced the outside scrutiny of these accrediting bodies.

These top tier professional health coaching programs (like the THSA Professional Health Coaching Program) are held to a higher standard and globally recognised as the best of the best.

Health coaches who hold these advanced certifications and hone their skills in a highly specialised way can START pricing between $90 and $150 per hour. A 40-hour work week results in annual earnings in excess of $208,000!

(And that’s on the low end!)

With ICF accreditation, coaching rates are usually much higher than the minimum $150 per hour.

Many advanced professional health coaches are able to work part-time and still provide a comfortable living for themselves and their families.

Credibility impacts earnings.

As we mentioned above, the quality of the program will make or break the credibility of the certification – and the eventual credibility of the health coach.

This is a CAREER, not just a short-term earnings solution, and you’ll need to take it very seriously.

The Health Sciences Academy has always valued quality, which is why we worked with a world-renowned expert coach to develop a program that offers the credibility you’ll need to succeed!

So, please, consider the investment that a program of this caliber will require and ask yourself:

“Am I ready?”

And if the answer is “yes”, then you’re exactly where you need to be…

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