Planning to Defer Uni? Deferring University doesn’t Mean Deferring Your Nutrition Business!

The recent pandemic has changed the way we view…well…everything.

And this change has created uncertainty for many who were just preparing to start their educations, and careers.

Now, as universities and colleges continue to adapt, young adults are asking themselves, “What’s next?”

A future that used to be easily envisioned has now become murky and difficult to picture – let alone plan for. And because of this, many nutrition students are taking a year off before they jump into their undergraduate degrees…

Taking a gap year is becoming the norm due to COVID-19.

While many prospective nutrition students are considering online college as an alternative to campus life, they are also trying to reconcile the possibility of paying campus price for online delivery.

Many prominent universities and colleges have already made the decision to remain closed until after August to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, the costs still reflect some of the on-campus amenities – and that’s not exactly appealing.

In addition to this, the economy in widespread areas is not expected to bounce back any time soon. Families that were planning on sending their kids to university this year may not be able to cover the cost any longer. And this puts prospective nutrition students in a financially awkward position – take on student loans? Or, wait until their parents can help out…

The traditional gap year usually involves some sort of program, additional study, or work experience. But these options may not be available for quite some time due to the pandemic restrictions.

So, what can people who are passionate about nutrition do if they can’t jump directly into university or travel to study abroad?

There are plenty of alternative solutions…

You don’t need a full-time college to dive into nutrition science.

During these times, one thing has become increasingly apparent:

There’s a need for credible, well-educated nutrition professionals!

It’s difficult to scroll through a newsfeed or to search for anything COVID-19 related without seeing bogus nutrition and health advice. People claiming that hot water can kill the virus, or others claiming that a good diet is enough to stop the viral spread (not true).

Credible nutrition and health professionals can become the voice of reason for those who are being bombarded with bad information.

While online degrees are definitely doable, they also have strict time requirements that may not fit with your current needs or lifestyle. It’s hard to attend classes when you’re trying to juggle finances, future plans, and maybe even a family!

Many certifications (especially those offered via The Health Sciences Academy) are primarily designed for self-study. This means that there are no time constraints on your ability to learn the material, take the exam, and start practicing as soon as you graduate.

So, if you get caught up in life and need to skip a week while you get readjusted to a work schedule, you’ll have the complete freedom to do so. For anyone who’s experienced the anxiety of homework and endless due dates – this is an amazing feeling!

Interested in a career in nutrition or health? The Health Sciences Academy has top tier self-study certifications that allow you to get the most out of your education. Click here to learn more

What can you do with nutrition certifications?

Nutrition and health certifications give you access to scientifically cultivated knowledge surrounding very specific topics. The more you learn, the more people you can advise.

If you’re already working in the health and wellness field (trainers, doctors, nutritionists, etc.) then these certifications can augment your existing skill set – increasing your earning potential.

And all of this is possible without attending a full-time college or university!

A break from a traditional 4-year degree path doesn’t mean that you’re putting your education or career on hold. It just means that you’ve chosen to explore other viable options that provide the additional flexibility that’s so necessary – especially now.

Is opening a nutrition business even possible right now?


It’s a great idea to offer online advising right now in the field of nutrition and health. People need access to the credible information these professionals provide more than ever, and remote services are in high demand.

Opening an online practice gives you access to a global audience and gives you the option to work entirely remotely (from the comfort of your home). As the world starts to open back up, you’ll already have a strong foundation for offering local services as well.

You don’t need 4 years of business school to become a savvy entrepreneur. All you need is a service that’s in demand, and a way to deliver it to clients!

You can get started today…

Times are different – and it’s important that you find the educational path that works best for you. However, waiting for colleges to return to “normal” could mean taking a huge break in your schooling, which isn’t exactly appealing either.

So, it’s important to explore your options and to not let this delay completely derail your professional passion.

And The Health Sciences Academy is here to help.

We have a wide range of certifications that give you the freedom and flexibility to spend your gap year studying the nutrition topics that really interest you!

When you finish, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running (so to speak).

Ready to learn more? Click here to get started today

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